This advanced teaching is a beautiful, masterful discourse by those who have completed this journey to students who have embarked on it. It gives immense clarity and loving guidance on the biggest venture physical beings undertake on their way to the massive rewards that await them. These lectures and discussion will continue to have monumental impact as you uncover the layers of understanding with each repeated hearing.
On our journey toward enlightenment, we hit many plateaus. Ones that can be inspiring and others discouraging.
What is the journey intended for?  Why are we either driven towards it or repelled from it?
Why does the world of spirituality make so many uncomfortable or reassured?
The conflict of this topic can be the resistant company that binds you.
The challenge can be the appeal.  The destination a mystery…
What challenges have made you stronger, which ones have made you falter?
How many times do we start and stop this process… how do we constantly continue…?
This course promises to be an extraordinary plunge into the depths of mind discovery.  These advanced teachings will resolve some unconscious struggles and sabotaging forces you may have in your life.  Be prepared to shift.

On your way to self-empowerment and all that it holds for you:

  • The differences between religion and spirituality.
  • The definition and goal of spirituality.
  • Those who create the pressure against the journey.
  • The all-important solution for the desired shifts to occur on this earth.
  • Why Hitler could do what he did.
  • The primary inner struggles on the road to self-discovery.
  • One of the myths about spirituality that most people buy into.
  • How to resolve the inner struggles.
  • When your partner is not on a spiritual path.
  • An amazing practice for self-discovery.
  • A problem that comes up as a legacy from religion.
  • Another fabulous practice to get to your knowing of being a light being.
  • An explicit alternative word to understand and define the crucial factor of judgment.
  • What is your relationship based on? Why it could become a problem.
  • The point at which you choose to undertake this journey.
  • Understanding the resistance that comes up.
  • A perfect analogy that depicts the exhilaration that comes from the journey.
  • A very helpful and significant perspective for your journey.
  • A very powerful clearing process for cleansing all previous thought that has ever disempowered you.
  • Some important things we don’t realize that are sabotaging us.
  • One of the biggest doubts and subconscious fears that we encounter on the journey.
  • The profound explanation of what happens to thoughts as they are accepted.
  • The role of the brain and the soul in the thought process.
  • Where thoughts are held.
  • What you pass on to your children.
  • The journey of the other species on this plane.
  • When other beings will communicate with you.
  • The full opportunity available on this plane for progression through consciousness.
  • If the world did not run on money.
  • An absolutely fabulous and clear explanation of what comprises our spiritual journey on this realm.
  • Why you are no longer limited in the usual human way as you raise your consciousness.
  • Amazing information on how your body functions in higher states of consciousness.
  • Being the alchemist in your life.
  • What spiritually advanced people do in their day.
  • How you reach the calm and peace.
  • Final immensely beautiful and empowering thoughts from Julius.

Julius expands our understanding even more in the Q&A:

  • Which is your way of moving on your conscious journey?
  • The plateaus on your journey through lifetimes.
  • Understanding the imprints you bring into a lifetime and the ultimate resolution.
  • The profound understanding of the time continuum of the soul.
  • How to resolve previous fear-based events and how it changes the energy and people involved in it.
  • When science is explored for the purpose of controlling people.
  • How to handle the fear-based activities in the world.
  • The effectiveness of using technologies or drugs to raise your consciousness.
  • There is also the imprisonment journey on your conscious journey.
  • A unique way of using crystals.
  • Who you choose to intermingle with on your conscious journey.
  • The isness of things and the level beyond.
  • Some very valuable additional information on the stages and phases of consciousness.
  • When are you done with an experience?
  • How other species falter.
  • An amazing insight into the fears that other species do not have but are huge for human beings.
  • A very interesting invitation from you to the other beings.
  • A stupendous truth about fairies, gnomes, dragons, Bigfoot etc.

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