This is a 2 part lecture series from Julius on the topic for a total of approximately 2 hours.  It is available in video and downloadable audio.

The first subject of the Julius Empowers series will give you the deeper truths about ascension into 5D reality, the enormous potential of realm and dimensional energies to aid you in your conscious journey, your life, relationships, abundance and health.

This is huge! 

In the two lectures, Julius inspires and activates our knowing of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions:
– Why there are dimensions and realms on this plane
– The main components of experience on the 3rd and 4th dimensional experience
– Deeper explanation of the actual and potential 3rd dimensional experience
– A clear, fascinating description of the 4th dimension and its beings
– The small and big transcendental beings between the 3rd and 4th dimensions
– How to access the other dimensions and the blocks that prevent it
– Can sliding into the 4th dimension provide solutions to your problems in the 3rd?
– The interesting things that happen when you sleep
– What the 5th dimension is like
– The fascinating information about you and the dimensions
– The differences between the dimensions
– Understanding more about dreams and timelines
– Manifestation in the dimensions
– Practices to utilize dimensional energies for healing
– A real-life example of how these energies were used
– How to know these dimensional energies
– The highest truth about you in relation to these dimensions

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