This was filmed at a live event.  Product consists of 2 videos and 2 downloadable audios from the video.


The enlightened masters group, Julius, give a powerful teaching on this important and profound subject.
In this experience, you will learn more deeply about your original authentic program of when you first chose being a human.
  • How you lost sight within the experience, and
  • How vital it is to return to the 3 priority perspectives.
Mastering health, wealth, love and more used to be so very seamless for you…
How do we get to more expansive energy and knowing? 
This lecture will include an activation to align your frequency back to your authentic vibration.

Julius is an ascended masters group channeled thru Kasey Wallis.
See their story here:

Module 1:
– Story of the Julius teachings
– A clarifying explanation of dimensions, realms and astral planes
– Fascinating insights into the matrix
– You and timeline variations
– Consequences of distraction and the way out
– Unseen factor that continually activates the reptilian brain
– Huge significance of being a fractal instead of a fragment
– Difference between high and low levels of consciousness
– The most magical occurrences when you are focussed
– Percentage of high and low consciousness beings and what makes the difference
– The all-important aspect of what to focus and have clarity on
– Fascinating ground-breaking inner workings of manifestation
Module 2:
– Two types of awareness
– How to shift out of stuck patterns of fear-based thoughts
– Points of perception according to levels of consciousness
– Extraordinary, magical effects of emotions
– How to access focus and clarity
– Handling fear-based emotions wisely
– How to interact with those who disagree with you and are in fear
– Your invaluable contribution in this moment in time
– An amazing, very powerful activation to facilitate your authentic vibration

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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