This is a two-part workshop with 1 lecture and 1 discussion.

In this discussion Julius will help to clear up misconceptions of boundary setting.

We will discuss difficulties in doing it and why. Also discuss the benefits.

As your journey progresses, is there a need for them…? How do we create them with love and honor?

Julius packs in an amazing amount of information and insights in the lecture:

  •  Why we don’t learn to set boundaries as children
  • The primary cause of lack of boundaries
  • Two important sides to boundary setting
  • The surprising result of lack of setting boundary
  • The deeper spiritual significance of boundaries
  • The narcissist’s way in this context
  • The second thing that contributes to lack of boundaries
  • The question of spiritual progress
  • Guidance for healers
  • Why boundary setting is hard for people
  • A key and useful phrase when you wish to set boundaries
  • How to know when your boundaries are breached
  • Julius’ view of parenting
  • How to charge up your energy field to set boundaries
  • The impact of your lack of boundary setting on others
  • Do you have boundaries in higher states of consciousness

Julius expands even more on this important topic in the Q&A:

  • More vital tips on parenting
  • Boundaries setting in the family
  • Dealing with guilt related to your parenting
  • The active practice of loving yourself
  • Understanding the difference between self-centred and self-love
  • Helpful suggestions to help others with boundary setting
  • Insights about and tackling tantrums in children
  • What if people don’t respect your boundaries?
  • The importance of the way you deliver your truth
  • Understanding loving detachment and boundaries
  • Difference between walls set up and healthy boundary setting

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