Can Empaths Completely Detach

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3 part class

November 19th, 21th, and 22nd 6PM MTN.

Can Empaths detach completely

We have been taught a certain amount of detachment helps us to not suffer so much when something goes away. In some spiritual practices, detachment is key to finding inner peace and resolution with the mind. BUT if you are empathic and you are completely intertwined with others’ thoughts and emotions, how do you detach? Detachment for empaths is like trying to decipher between inner points of self.
Can empaths really detach, or even should they? In choosing to be empathic, which you have done if you are empathic, have you chosen a life of continual connection instead of detachment? Have you chosen this complex and painful experience in order to navigate a deeper component of Source?
Do you think Source detaches from us? Or do you think there is a secret way that Source remains attached and heals at the same time?
Another mind blowing, emotionally charged, intelligently challenging subject and course.
This is advanced students only….please come with an open mind and heart and find the time please to attend live for this course. JULIUS WILL PROVIDE A POWERFUL INSIGHT OF MIRROR CONSCIOUSNESS APPLICATION.

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