3-part Course with 2 lectures and 1 discussion

Can Empaths Completely Detach?

This three-part course is not just for empaths, it is for all on their conscious journey because Julius says that becoming empathic is part of the conscious journey.

As one of the truly enlightening discussions for everyone, this teaching gives further illuminating insight into how we reach higher states of consciousness. The journey is explained clearly and with depth so the assimilation of this knowledge is profound, deep and easy. This course will take you lightly and joyfully into further knowing of how you can be all you wish to be, who you are and your magnificent being. It is a mind-blowing, emotionally charged course with many, many Aha moments in it.

Can empaths really detach? Should they? In choosing to be empathic, which you have done if you are empathic, have you chosen a life of continual connection instead of detachment? Have you chosen this complex and painful experience in order to navigate a deeper component of Source?
Do you think Source detaches from us? Or do you think there is a secret way that Source remains attached and heals at the same time?

Julius unleashes within us deeper knowing through several deeply illuminating Aha moments :

  • The fascinating origins of all the emotions you experience as you journey in consciousness.
  • The enormous importance of empathy on the spiritual journey.
  • How empathy begins for a person.
  • What is to be deciphered and what is to be mastered here.
  • How we master the highest component of compassion.
  • Where compassion comes from.
  • The way the lockdown and the prison occur for an empath.
  • What is definitely not a solution.
  • The position of choice.
  • What mastery of the conscious journey is.
  • The clarification of ‘timely’ and ‘untimely’.
  • What staying centered amidst distraction really is.
  • Where the answer lies for empaths.
  • The story of Buddha’s journey.
  • The quintessential reverse psychology that is being played out.
  • How the curse becomes the greatest gift.
  • When do you step the farthest away from knowing that you are Source?
  • The ultimate solution to your empathic ability.
  • The truth that is difficult to retain, but brings peace and extraordinary expansion.
  • The point at which you get true understanding.
  • What the ultimate judgment is and arrogant perception.
  • The all-important solution to consciousness.
  • Common, generally unknown side-effects of being empathic.
  • The difference between empathy and sympathy.
  • The immense, pivotal influence of judgment.
  • How we get to knowing the higher truths.
  • The power of pretense and belief.
  • The way to understanding new thought.
  • What an empath can and cannot do and how it leads to chaos.
  • Detailed guidance on the resolution of the chaos.
  • Using empathic abilities to help wisely.
  • How empaths get the double whammy of judgment.
  • An incredible Aha moment and insight into shifting low-frequency emotions.
  • The absolute value of low-frequency emotions.
  • How to master the art of choosing emotions.
  • A simple, important practice for seamless life.
  • The solution for the side-effects of being empathic.
  • The way the altered ego works against you here.
  • Guidance for people who are disconnected from love.
  • The two magical tasks of the conscious journey.

More fabulous gems of this course:

  • The difference between being sensitive and being empathic.
  • Why we become desensitized at some point on our journey.
  • How to overcome the fear of being powerful.
  • The role of the healer in a healing.
  • The experience chosen by some beings who live in remote places.
  • How we tap into other people’s thoughts.
  • How and what psychics are reading from you.
  • The fascinating study of face-reading.
  • What victims want from you.
  • The experience of 5th and 6th seal beings.
  • The challenging situation for 1st or 2nd seal beings in a city.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of living in isolation.
  • How to be in control with focused attention.
  • The understanding that brings compassion.
  • More on the knowing that all is One.
  • Further insights into speedy manifestation.
  • Draining of energy in high or low energy spaces.
  • Picking up on emotions but not files of the other person.

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