Healing Yourself Through the Power of Thought:

Promoting Hormonal & Glandular Function and Flow

Discover How to Change Your Sub-Conscious Mind and
Activate Hormonal Flow in Your Body for Healing


Do You Know How Your Thoughts Affect Your Body?

Or the Effect Your Chakras Have On Your Glands?

JULIUS supports that your body is designed to operate off of your hormonal flow more than from your organs. They reveal that the production of hormones flowing fluidly throughout your body is what keeps your body well and rejuvenated. Alternatively, a lack of hormone flow decays and erodes your physical body.

When you have full, healthy, effective hormone flow in your body, you feel well. You do well. This is when you feel good. You’re optimistic, your energy level is good, and at the very least you have moments when you could pause and say, “all is well right now; in this moment lives all possibility. I am not afraid. I am not stressed right now. I am living in the moment.” ~ JULIUS

This series of discussions is vital for understanding how your physical body works and why it may be working (or not working) the way that it is. With this understanding, you are able to focus your manifestation process and receive everything frequency-wise, or in conjunction with, the frequency output that you’re emitting. It ties together science and spirituality: your body and the manifestation process.

In this teaching with JULIUS you’ll learn:

  • How powerful your thoughts are.
  • What your thoughts literally do to you through your hormonal flow.
  • Why your physical body is made the way it is.
  • How, why, and where different types of thought affect your physical embodiment.
  • The complexities and immense possibilities of your physical body.
  • The relationship between your Chakras, glands and hormones.
  • How you can intentionally and practically aid yourself in your own healing process.

You’ll experience groundbreaking, unedited conversations with JULIUS on exactly how the physical body works and how thought is actualized in the human body. This is not science textbook information you learned in school (or even information most medical doctors know). These dialogues from higher realms support physical wellness AS WELL AS guide you in your manifestation process and your mastering of enlightenment.

This Knowledge Will Aid You in Your Ability to Be Your Own Healer
and Your Own Creative Force in Life.

Item 1
Introduction to Healing Yourself through the Power of Thought
(downloadable audio MP3)

This introductory module includes:

  • An overview of what will be covered in the program
  • An introduction to the 7 Seals of Consciousness (a roadmap to Enlightenment)
  • An overview of the Chakras and how they’re linked to the glands and the 7 Seals of Consciousness

Item 2
The Science of Knowing & the Pineal Gland
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Pineal Gland, Crown Chakra, 7th Seal of Consciousness

How does thought create an experience in your life? The Pineal Gland is the seat of knowing transforming into manifestation.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re literally a magnet for thoughts and possibilities
  • Where thought comes from and how a thought is manifested
  • A foolproof way to tell whether your thoughts are low frequency or high frequency
  • What happens in your Pineal Gland when you experience a new thought
  • How being open minded can actually change your physical body

Item 3
The Magic of Hormonal Flow & the Thalamus Gland
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Thalamus Gland, Crown Chakra, 7th Seal of Consciousness

This teaching discusses the actualized scientific application of the way thought works on the physical body.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The secret (but essential) hormone that science doesn’t understand
  • How the Thalamus gland acts as a guardian to the Pineal Gland
  • What happens in the brain when Kundalini energy is activated & the role that Kundalini energy plays in releasing hormone flow
  • The “magical” ability of hormones that most adults have lost, but children still have


Item 4
Open & Closed Thought and the Pituitary Gland
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Pituitary Gland, Brow Chakra, 6th Seal of Consciousness

Are you open-minded or closed-minded? The pituitary gland works in conjunction with the receiving of thought and your opinions.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Why the pituitary gland is associated with spirituality, intuitiveness, insight and psychic ability
  • How the pituitary gland opens up or closes down based on your ignorance or expanded state of being
  • How a small, tight pituitary gland keeps your life limited and predictable
  • How the pituitary gland works in a progressional state with your Seal of Consciousness
  • Why infants have abundant hormone flow and why it decreases as you age

Item 5
The Science of Thought Conversion & the Thyroid Gland
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Thyroid Gland, Throat Chakra, 5th Seal of Consciousness

The chemical emissions of the glands are so overlooked yet are critical components in the manifesting process.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How a typical television commercial keeps you in fear & limitation
  • What causes your thyroid gland to get out of balance
  • Why your physical body is like a power plant and what it needs to operate
  • How to clear away mental fog and see things more clearly
  • The primary component that feeds the manifestation process

Item 6
Authentic Expression & the Thymus Gland
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Thymus Gland, Heart Chakra, 4th Seal of Consciousness

Discover how your health can flourish by breaking free of requirement, agenda, judgment of self and others.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How the thymus gland reacts to judgment and agenda
  • A simple 4-sentence statement you can say to yourself that will help you forgive anything you’ve ever done and eliminate all self-judgment
  • How your unwillingness to make a decision can make you sick
  • Where true regret usually comes from
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of your soul’s desires

Item 7
Personal Power, Boundaries & the Adrenal Glands
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Adrenal Glands, Solar Plexus Chakra, 3rd & 2nd Seals of Consciousness

In this teaching, we go into the deep levels of the Adrenal Glands and how these glands relate to your boundaries, personal power and relationship to stress.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The most toxic substance to the human body
  • How to discover if something is true for you or not
  • What to do if you’re experiencing boredom in your life
  • The worry that can be the cause of weight gain
  • Why many consciously aware people still suffer from depression

Item 8
Creativity & the Reproductive Glands
(downloadable audio MP3)

The Reproductive Glands, Sacral & Root Chakras, 1st Seal of Consciousness

This discussion is all about the creation process and why you have a physical body.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How the Earth and your physical body was created
  • Why the reproductive organs and glands were created in the first place (the first embodiments didn’t need them!)
  • The component that causes your body to age and decay
  • A new perspective on pregnancy and miscarriage

Item 9

Conclusion: Bringing it All Together
(downloadable audio MP3)

This final module ties everything together and provides actual applications you can use to change your thoughts and your physical reality.

In this closing module you’ll learn:

  • The missing key/ingredient in changing your thinking
  • How to trick your subconscious mind into a different type of acceptance
  • How to be the creative conjurer of a new experience
  • The two best times to influence your subconscious mind
  • How to raise your frequency and feel your Soul come alive

Bonus item 1
Clearing Meditation for Gland Vitality
(downloadable audio MP3)

With proper glandular flow, one can truly cause healing.  This 15-minute Bonus meditation is intended for use in any type of healing process. It can aid in the clearing of your glands and enhance glandular flow. The meditation can be used alone, or to enhance the effectiveness of other modalities.

Bonus item 2
Illumination for Pineal Gland Hormone Flow
(downloadable audio MP3)

There’s a mysterious hormone released from the Pineal Gland in very deep sleep. This hormone is vital for the healing process, yet most adults release only tiny quantities, if any at all. There’s very little information available about this magical hormone as scientists either don’t know about it, or can’t figure out how it works.

In this Bonus recording, Julius explains what this hormone is, how it heals, and a 5-Minute Meditation to release this “Sacred Juice.”