This is a 3 part class with two teachings and one discussion.

One of the most inspirational teachings for life and the conscious journey. It magically clears away age-old concepts of ‘hard’ and empowers you to find joy and ease in every step and every moment from this point forward. It is a teaching many have been unconsciously waiting for, it revives, restores and revitalizes every aspect of your being. Welcome to the light being existence!

Julius opens up the energy around old patterns we have adapted and become to continue to support all shifts and new paradigms in our lives.
This subject is so relevant to our lives, can we move away from all limitations?
You will be amazed at what will be addressed in this class: simple but not easy; difficult and challenging.  These are the things we have accepted. What if we have simply been limiting our own selves?
Can we get rid of what is so hard in our lives?


In the first two modules, Julius takes us on an exhilarating journey into the ‘hard’ and easy’:

– The huge prevalence of this concept in life
– The deeper level of things being hard
– The programs of this concept running in us
– Unraveling these knots within us
– The stimulus that makes us the way we are
– When the ‘hard’ breaks away
– How to go forward without the ‘hard’ in everything
– A wonderful practice to do thrice a day
– The easy way to become aware of the programs running within you
– How Julius moved their perspective from ‘hard’ to ‘easy’ while on earth
– How to release ‘hard’ when you are in the lower levels of consciousness
– Some aspects to let go off to release ‘hard’
– The two perceptions of being accountable
– The 2 life-changing qualities for human beings
– The steps you take to move out of ‘hard’
– One of the most effective actions to do
– The first amazing step in this action
– An example from Brad’s life

The Q&A holds so many golden nuggets to ease life and the conscious journey:

– Why do we struggle?
– The 2 exhilarating ways to find your empowerment
– How arrogance adds to the ‘hard’
– The difference between ‘hard’ and a challenge
– Some blocks to mastering consciousness
– How to tackle what you find ‘hard’ to master
– Furthering entitlement or empowerment in your children
– A great practice at night for solutions and ease
– How to ease uneasy interactions with others
– Easing programs in other timelines
– The awesome meaning of humility
– More ways of empowering your children
– The finesse of coming out of a pattern

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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