The Struggle is The Joy

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3 part class
The Struggle is the Joy.  Be still. Be clear.
In this course we will address the deepest meanings of struggle and the rewards it brings.  The satisfaction, the knowing, the growth, and the wisdom.  We will discover the very aspects of being Source thru our struggles and resolutions.
Our brains are 80 percent water, in order to think clearly, resolve, adequate, and calm we must slow down the winds, the harsh weather intentions and bring the steady calm waters to our brain.
We will discuss practices, thoughts, ideas, and ways to access this calmness which will provide the clarity we seek.  Why thoughts muddle themselves and how to find the clearing of the fog.
This will be a powerful application course, bring your notepad for this one.
First Lecture
Tuesday August 22nd, 2017
6PM Mtn Time

Second Lecture

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017
6PM Mtn Time


Friday August 25th, 2017
6PM Mtn Time