3 part class with 2 lectures and 1 discussion.

 The Struggle is the Joy.  Be still. Be clear.

This is an epic teaching that throws valuable light on the incredible conversion we all undergo at some point in our journey from human being to light being. This teaching is going to send those tingles up your spine as the Aha moments hit you and you experience the elation from these highly inspirational truths.

A ‘must have’ teaching for all those seeking to raise their consciousness without the resistance and with more joy and fulfillment.

In this course we will address the deepest meanings of struggle and the rewards it brings.  The satisfaction, the knowing, the growth, and the wisdom.  We will discover the very aspects of being Source through our struggles and resolutions.
We will discuss practices, thoughts, ideas, and ways to access calmness, which will provide the clarity we seek.  Why thoughts muddle themselves and how to find the clearing of the fog?

In the first lecture, Julius gives us many ‘Aha’ moments on the struggles in life:

  • Why there is resistance at first on the conscious journey.
  • The huge reward of struggle along the way.
  • How you get to the seamless, joyful experiences.
  • One vital understanding about appreciation and the sense of satisfaction.
  • An essential insight about movement through the consciousness seals.
  • The fascinating role the altered ego plays in this movement.
  • The phase when there is no growth.
  • Why the takers go on taking.
  • How family members enable instead of empowering loved ones.
  • Why a high consciousness being does not have struggles.
  • The cause of mundaneness, addictive behaviors, victimhood and total disempowerment.
  • Why there are repetitive cycles of lifetimes in victimhood.
  • The practical application of all this information in life.
  • Why some struggles repeat and some don’t.
  • What needs to change for the conversion from fear to love.
  • How to clear the muddied waters of your mind into the high-frequency radiant clarity of love.
  • An easy yet powerful application to align with the most powerful element of water and gain clear thoughts from the pool of thought.
  • Suggestions for reflection to help you realize how powerful you are.
  • A seemingly ordinary liquid on earth with truly extraordinary properties and astounding uses.
  • The real and the illusory aspects of this reality.
  • Groundbreaking information about the element of the altered ego and the elements that help you deal with it.
  • Why nutrients are deficient in the body.
  • The factor that causes deep trouble in relationships.
  • A detailed explanation of how the monkey mind does not allow clarity.
  • The first step towards making fulfilling changes.
  • A very powerful application with the high frequency element of water.
  • The various other extremely helpful uses and benefits of this application.
  • Finding resolution for situations in life using this application.
  • More additions to the application to raise your vibration even higher.
  • The most important thing to be mindful about while doing this application.
  • How to make your struggles become a joy for you.

More outstanding information to help you on your journey:

  • Amazing information on how to use elements in healing.
  • Alternative forms of using the water meditation.
  • How the perception of struggle shifts as you move through the consciousness seals.
  • Most fascinating information about pregnant women, the fetus, altered ego and low iron levels.
  • What increased levels of copper, iron, manganese signify?
  • How to bring about balance in these levels.
  • Interesting truths about your energetic connection with partners, friends etc.
  • How to resolve a conflict situation.
  • Julius’ explanation of how or why Feng Shui impacts you.
  • More guidance on genetic patterns, nutrition, supplements.
  • Ways to cleanse and raise the energy in the home.

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