This is no ordinary teaching about gratitude. As Julius says, it is only when you understand the full depth and energy force of gratitude that you can utilize it in your life to the greatest effect. This is the first vital part of the teaching and as this course continues, Julius reveals depth after depth of how this quality is such a tremendous force in aiding us in our journey to enlightenment.

It has always been Julius’endeavor to show you different ways to resolve  limitation, points of resistance and fear in the various aspects  of your life.  This class is yet another powerful way to do so. It gives you the inner resource to accomplish all the goals you wish you were brave enough to undertake. Living a safe life oftentimes creates a state of mundane, boring, full of regret type of existence.

How can we create the ever flowing energy of positivity when we are afraid?
We often look at another and think how do they do that? How can they take that risk? How can they not be afraid?
Julius helps to unleash our potential  in safety, support and with the power to embrace our adventurous Soul so that we may live a full life of satisfaction.

In the lecture, Julius opens up the floodgates of our understanding to help us access the vast array of benefits in gratitude:

  • The huge stress load that most human beings carry in their lives.
  • The detrimental impact of stress on the body, autoimmune diseases
  • A key component in manifestation that gets completely missed.
  • How you master your experience.
  • The one crucial thing that a lack of gratitude leads to.
  • The miracle that occurs when you are in a total state of gratitude.
  • What does the state of knowing, love and empowerment feel like?
  • Julius’ concise and complete definition of enlightenment.
  • The amazing by-products of enlightenment.
  • The times when gratitude comes to your rescue in the most magical way.
  • The daunting by-products of your perspective of lack.
  • The practice that changed a lot of lives, but the problem that set in.
  • The first useful tool of the great power of gratitude.
  • Another amazing, generally unknown benefit of gratitude.
  • 2 short but extremely effective practices in times of deep fear.
  • The many areas in which gratitude can be utilized to create a fulfilling life.
  • The number one stress factor in the life of human beings.
  • The massive influence of the altered ego over us.
  • How do you begin to know who you really are?
  • One of the most powerful, truly astonishing ways that gratitude helps us.
  • A most moving example of the profound gift of gratitude.
  • The practice that helps you evoke gratitude.
  • What to begin with to start the art and practice of gratitude.

Deeper and deeper into astonishing depths and powers of gratitude:

  • Into the knowing that you are Source.
  • How to get to the state of motivation and fulfilment on your journey.
  • Gratitude in relationships, especially one-sided ones.
  • How people around you teach you about yourself.
  • The interplay of gratitude and knowing – the difference in low and high consciousness states.
  • A profound truth about the frequency of gratitude.
  • Highest guidance on how to make a choice or decision without letting fear in.
  • The many things that boredom does for you.
  • The important realization about change and what to do about it.
  • The hidden, higher truth behind being grateful to others but not yourself.
  • When reflection is useful and when it is not.
  • The only way to fix and expand from the past.
  • Why is there war?
  • The answer that totally heals what you are resistant to.
  • How others are affected by your gratitude to them.
  • How to defuse the altered ego.
  • How you let go of an experience.
  • On the guidance of the soul.
  • The huge benefits of gratitude.

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