This is a 3 part class with two teachings and one discussion.

This teaching has huge significance because of the detrimental impact of expectation on us. Getting to know hidden and unconscious expectation makes our conscious journey smoother. This course has many amazing Aha moments as Julius gives us deeper understanding into the automated system of expectation in our inner world. It is a course that provides much relief and release from binding, limiting elements in our lives.

This is a refined process – without previous teachings this one could be challenging.  Never the less, it is time for this subject.

This class will be deep, we suggest you rest before this class, ready your mind, steady your altered ego and then enter with us for this extraordinary class.

The first two modules are full of Aha moments that start the amazing shifts within us :

– What expectations are based on
– The very important thing we overlook due to expectation
– A broader understanding of all the things that expectation destroys
– The light being versus the human being experience in this context
– How our experiences get limited
– The astonishing thing that expectation makes you
– Clear examples of the paper boy and an errand
– The emotional space that is far more open than expectation
– Effects of expectation on your conscious journey
– The entanglements, snares, bear traps we do not see
– How other people are impacted
– Dealing wisely with repetitive behavior and situations
– The specific perspective from which expectation is birthed
– The killer expectations in relationships
– Clarity over the connection between fact and expectation
– All the levels of expectation in low states of consciousness
– The authentic demonstration of compassion in such situations
– What provides opportunities for growth on the spiritual journey
– The most vital step to release expectations
– What’s really going on when we have expectations of others
– The origin of harsh expectations
– The fascinating and moving truth of why we have amnesia of who we are
– Daily practices for remembrance and letting go of expectations
– The unknown link between expectation and failure
– A powerful 30-day practice to release expectations
– The deep healing truth of why people are the way they are with you
– When we have relationships without expectations
– The extraordinary opportunity in long-living relationships
– The next delightful 30-day practice to unlace the straitjacket of expectation
– The beautiful seeds of opportunity that come up thereafter

Amazing gems of understanding and guidance in the Q&A:

  • A clear description of the conscious journey
  • A profound description of high consciousness manifestation
  • Creating in a limitless way
  • The difference in energies of intention and expectation
  • Can there be manifestation without expectation?
  • How to manifest more at broader, higher levels
  • Releasing expectation in deadlines, commitments etc.
  • Letting go of expectations when you feel you’ve worked very hard for something
  • How to recognize expectations about yourself
  • Moving away from expectations while setting objectives
  • Are expectations a lack of self-love?
  • The nature of expectations
  • Differentiating between expectations and goal setting
Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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