The Missing Secret of the Universe Delivering to You


Listening to this course again and again is to deepen our knowing of how all things work. It is a knowing that does not come easily, and this course steps in to help us with this huge step forward. If you are looking to make deep, permanent shifts within your being and in your manifestation, this teaching is just the one for you.
Do you often find yourself requesting the Universal energies for your manifestation only to experience periodic gifting and most other times the seemingly non response of the Universe delivering your request to you?  Perhaps there is some mysterious way that you access this power.  Perhaps you need crystals or other elemental items.  Perhaps you may think you are not worthy or the Universe is busy?
In this teaching, JULIUS reveals the unknown secret of how the energies really work.

In the lecture, much is revealed and all of it is totally uplifting:

–          The main glitch in manifestation.

–          The huge forces that keep this glitch in place.

–          The 27 seconds you can keep working on.

–          An amazing expansion on the truth of living in the Now.

–          Why we don’t manifest what we want all the time.

–          Another major key to not only smooth manifestation but life.

–          How to work this major key.

–          Where all the pain, suffering, chaos, unpredictability, fear comes from.

–          The two categories of the most important component of our being.

–          The best news ever for us.

–          When we move out of limitation.

–          Why perception is the hardest thing to change and how to do it.

–          A fabulous complex analogy of shoe size about truth.

–          Another incredible insight into why we don’t get what we wish for.

–          Getting wealthy.

–          What expands us most on this earth plane.

–          The ultimate manifestation process.

–          More guidance on the missing secret.

–          A well-known saying that totally supports disempowerment.

In the Q&A, Julius goes deeper into the secret and reveals more immensely useful and interesting information:

  • Learning how to remain centred amidst distraction.
  • Why life doesn’t change into what you want it to be – massive missing component.
  • A deeper understanding of what happens when we cross bridge consciousness.
  • What it takes to be a love-based frequency.
  • The qualities for moving from fear into love.
  • Only one existence and infinity of existences.
  • The significance of 27 seconds.
  • Some more insights into the altered ego.
  • The high fives of circumstantial beings.
  • The amazing manifestation energy that really brings you what you want.
  • How lack may indicate many things.