This is a 2-part course with one lecture and one discussion.

This teaching gives you in-depth clarity and guidance on the increasingly common and complex state of frustration. The ramifications of just accepting frustration as a regular, unavoidable part of life are many – your body is impacted adversely, your manifestation stalls and you are far from happy. The snowballing domino effect that pulls in other fear-based emotions is what many find extremely difficult to handle. Julius addresses all these issues at length.

Apart from the issue of frustration, this course has a far wider reach because the guidance given can be used equally effectively in most cases of anxiety, anger, worry and stress.

The practical, effective way out of frustration is explained through the following points:

  • The hidden, internal, often subconscious triggers and causes of frustration.
  • How frustration is linked to man-made time and expectations.
  • The primary issue that triggers frustration.
  • The role of the altered ego.
  • How to recognize the signs that you are heading towards frustration and practices to prevent that lovingly.
  • What to do and how to let go when caught up in frustration.
  • How to use the intense energy of frustration to achieve a love-based outcome.
  • How to defuse anger in the moment of anger.
  • Using this method to dissolve other fear-based emotions.
  • Achieving more peace, less stress as a result of all these insights and measures.

Julius goes into detail on some of these vital topics:

  • The effect of frustration and other fear-based emotions on the manifestation process explained in great detail.
  • The crystal clear example of not being able to sell your house.
  • One of the most challenging concepts to master when starting a business.
  • An explicit practice to dissipate the illusion of time.
  • The key factor of enhanced fear emotions.
  • The inner aspect of self that helps or disables a person in dealing with devastation of any kind.
  • The spiritual practice that helps in handling stressful situations where another may be working against you.
  • How to drop some of the drama in life.
  • A perceptive analogy by one of the students.
  • How to tackle the problem of going back to sleep during the night.
  • Further practices to shake off frustration.
  • The physical disorders that arise due to frustration.
  • Ways to clear the energy of frustration from the body.
  • A deep perspective on the sadness of losing a loved one.

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