This is a 3 part class with 2 teachings and one discussion.

This is an advanced course on the complexities of your manifestation energies. 
Reaction is an intense energy that redirects your thoughts and emotions.  
How does this affect your ongoing desires and dreams?  
Do we have to reset and realign ourselves each time we react?
What are we missing each time this occurs?  
Why do we get addicted to reaction?
Why are we so easily reprogrammed in our energy?
How do we become warriors against this action and regain our power?
Julius will go deep into this subject and release information imprinted inside of your fractals and explain to you how to release them. 

In the two lectures, Julius gives incredible insights and guidance into this topic:

– The great difference between reaction and creation
– How the third-dimensional plane and technology support the predominant energy on earth
– The huge factors that limit our manifestation
– Great clarity on the qualities of reaction
– The 3 magic questions to ask in every situation
– What the subconscious mind was originally designed for
– All the ways we are in reaction through the day
– The times when it’s prudent to avoid manifesting
– The high-frequency way of manifesting
– A very important fascinating step after you complete your manifestation process
– The precise way the universe delivers to you
– How we sometimes hasten what we don’t want to happen
– What pain in joints is indicative of
– All that is included in the conscious journey
– Another huge indication of reaction and how it spirals out of control
– Deeper insights into this little understood factor
– Manifesting or doing things on this earth easily or with hardship
– When we actively but unknowingly sabotage our manifestation
– All the steps we can take to stop reactive behavior
– A wonderful practice for 3 weeks to initiate the change
– What can improve your manifestation by 50%
– An important physical aspect that enhances manifestation
– A high-powered manifestation practice as explained by Julius

The Q&A speaks to you with all its incredible insights and guidance:

– The effect of the 3 energy ribbons in the astral plane on earth
– Issues underlying overeating and retail therapy
– Information about vows of poverty and the slave mentality
– What is failure?
– Where does patterned behavior come from?
– What decides your so-called ‘death’?
– The most expanded approach to manifestation
– Signs of subtle internal reaction
– How to reprogram old accepted truths
– How to cope with stress and anxiety

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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