This is an advanced class on pure thought, on using its intensity and power to manifest infinite possibilities in our lives. Our students are consistently asking Julius to go deeper into the rabbit hole of our teachings.
What is pure thought?  Is it possible to manifest a pure thought before it dilutes itself? How can you tell the difference?  Have you ever wondered if you have ever had a pure thought, or have your thoughts all been influenced through judgement?
If the manifestation process is no longer working for you, you may have hit some generally unknown speed bumps.  Breaking old patterns of the way you process thought could be the answer. You are helped in redesigning the acceptances of your mind and unleashing new possibilities of love and light into your life.
This teaching has many electrifying Aha moments that provide clarity about what’s missing in your manifestation process. You are given an extraordinary high frequency practice that will lead you into states of high consciousness. Julius promises that you will be able to face all challenging issues and situations better with this practice and solutions will come.
Get ready as Julius pushes the boundaries of your mind. Unwind your mind and rewind a new reality for yourself.

In the first lecture, Julius explains:

  • Why the standard manifestation process works only for some.
  • The perfect analogy of baking to illustrate the manifestation process.
  • One of the prime, generally unknown factors of manifestation.
  • How to add that powerful new component to manifestation.
  • One of the biggest mistakes made when trying to manifest.
  • Is it better to use the old, tried and tested method of manifestation every time?
  • Making a manifestation appointment.
  • An important explanation of picking thoughts and allowing thoughts, the resolution.
  • What masterful thought processing is about.
  • How to get and sustain the turbocharge of pure thought.
  • The biggest obstacle for human beings in manifestation.
  • How to fine-tune your message to the Universe.
  • How to get past the sabotaging subconscious imprints.

In the second lecture, Julius amps up our frequency to awesome heights:

  • How to master a huge component to high consciousness.
  • When do you manifest?
  • How your autopilot can sabotage you.
  • The art of detaching from what no longer serves you, including toxic people.
  • How this art helps chronic conditions.
  • How to create a sacred space for yourself.
  • One of the most powerful practices ever given by Julius – for detachment as well as manifestation.
  • Further crucial tips for the pure state of manifestation.
  • The important angle of manifestation.
  • Julius makes a phenomenal promise.

In the Q & A, Julius gives more amazing insights on important topics:

  • Julius describes the pure state of emotions.
  • The role of the altered ego in the play of emotions.
  • The experience versus the expression of emotions.
  • What happens when you deny your emotions.
  • Ways to change the ingrained subconscious pattern of fear and worry.
  • The co-existence of earth and human beings.
  • The myriad ways the Universe gifts you.
  • Further guidance on the art of detachment.
  • How to master fluidity in life.
  • Helpful ways to aid the overthinker.
  • How to move out of a current reality of failing relationships and businesses.
  • How to overcome resistance to something manifesting.
  • Using initiative in your practices.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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