This was filmed at a live event.  Product includes a 2 part video version of the event as well as 2 downloadable audio versions.

In this powerful Channeled presentation Julius provides valuable information on how humans can activate hidden codes within our energy fields of thoughts and realities.
Abundance is a code that we are created with and that all humans have within their frequency.
We have been programmed in lack and scarcity, and we have been programmed in limitation from those who control this realm in fear.  We can break thru these programs and Julius shows you how to do this.
Come with us and discover how you can unravel the ties that bind you.
This presentation includes an energy activation process.

Module 1:
– Ever interesting information about Julius
– Expansiveness of the physical body
– What are DNA strands and why do we have them?
– The ultimate truth about Source
– Our origins and how we came to be in a physical world
– Fascinating truth about our first physical costume
– The enormous significance of DNA in relation to fear
– From our first incarnation to now
– More exciting, ground-breaking information about DNA
– How to get out of fear and lack
– New information about your auric field
– How to unleash your abundance
– A huge Aha moment about the all-important moment of knowing
– Another big lightbulb moment about why humans are addicted to fear
– Deep insight into the subconscious mind
– DNA and activation of abundance codes
– A beautiful, powerful practice to strengthen your light
– Exciting, uplifting words from Julius

Module 2:
– Why the DNA strand is twisted
– The truth about gene patterns related to disease and addictions
– Huge revelation about all that is working against our spiritual progress
– The most exciting things that happen in a moment of this high-frequency emotion
– How to get this emotion flowing and sustained
– Why we have memory codes
– The most important thing to do when you desire to change something
– The great difference between sympathy and compassion
– The key component to activating your abundance codes
– How to achieve this key component
– Beautiful insights into high-consciousness being
– Deep truths about the brain and the body
– High guidance on healing your body
– Tips on astral projection
– A magnificent, magical activation of the abundance codes by the group of Julius, including the Quaraxians

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