3 part class with 2 lectures and one discussion.

This most illuminating teaching is designed to take us out of the deeply embedded mindset that we have gained over countless lifetimes that we are just human beings.
With a brilliance and a simplicity that is their trademark, Julius supports us in our knowing of ourselves as light beings by loosening the hold that this physical illusion has on us. When we become lost on the treadmill of life, this is the teaching to turn to again and again because it will draw us back into knowing ourselves as light beings. And each time we listen, we will uncover its greater depths.
In the lectures, Julius gave incredible, new, exciting insights into what lies ahead and how we can use this information to elevate our life today:
  • The common factor in manifesting thoughts related to the physical and non-physical.
  • What manifestation does for you in the bigger picture.
  • What lies beyond manifestation.
  • Do we ever stop manifesting?
  • The ONLY thing that gets you to your destination.
  • A deep insight into Source and what you are doing as Source.
  • Why you have been drawn to this teaching.
  • How you can overcome the struggle to know that you are Source.
  • There are light beings and then there are ………..
  • How knowing gets embedded in the seals of consciousness.
  • The difference between manifestation by 5th seal and 6th seal beings.
  • A highly illuminating metaphor of the day for the journey.
  • The immense value of this subject matter.
  • How to stretch the parameters of your mind and your consciousness.
  • A most interesting and deep insight into joy for human beings.
  • How to open the pathways of elevated joy.
  • The saddest part of the average human experience.
  • A high-frequency, extremely helpful fun game for when you are challenged in manifesting what you desire.
  • How to get away from judgment.
  • Inspirational, uplifting guidance on how to move forward now.

In the Q&A, Julius wove more wisdom and magic into this transmission of knowledge:

  • A very interesting and deep insight into the expansion and launching of thought.
  • The limited and expansive way we can draw in thoughts.
  • The role of planning in life.
  • How to find an expansive balance between physical life and the conscious journey.
  • How to overcome the limits of our acceptance in the process of manifestation.
  • The pervasive impact of the scarcity of money.
  • More amazing insights into the process of judgment.
  • Creativity in the levels of consciousness.
  • The important difference between talent and creativity.
  • More fascinating information about light beings.
  • Other forms of manifestation, beyond the human understanding of it.
  • The key, yet often overlooked component in manifestation.
  • Instances where you do not force or push but allow.
  • How to integrate the physical and ethereal.
  • The dominant levels of consciousness on this earth.

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