This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and 1 Q&A.

All advanced teachings by Julius are breathtaking in their scope and application. This teaching is no different. It explains higher concepts with simplicity and most importantly, gives impeccable guidance on how to use this knowledge in our day-to-day lives to take them to the next level of adventure, joy and love.

In this advanced 3 part course, Julius discusses the different time intervals and experiences within the reachable dimensions on this realm. How we can access these spaces for clarity, enrichment, and focus for our dreams and desires is the other key component of this course.
As Source and the Light beings, we have created all aspects of thought in an ongoing state of expansion. We are existing in all this expansion and platforms that demonstrate it.
Moving into these spaces  is hugely empowering and aids us on our conscious journey.

In the lectures of this mind-blowing course, Julius explains:

  • The connection between time, the human body and this physical plane.
  • The factor that decides the dimensions available to beings on earth.
  • Why time management poses such a problem these days.
  • The role of the brain here.
  • The impact of time on your varied experiences.
  • How time supports you in the knowing of yourself.
  • When you are creating more or less time for yourself.
  • How to create a massive shift in your experience on earth.
  • Practical examples of how we can do this.
  • Being the ‘green-light’ gods.
  • All it takes to be a magician of time.
  • How you can use time to contribute to your conscious journey.
  • A tangible example of working time in your daily life – dos and donts.
  • Tapping into other dimensions and timelines.
  • Why all these dimensions and timelines exist here.
  • The grand possibilities of all we can access on earth.
  • The window of opportunity given in dreams.
  • The enormous benefits of accessing other timelines.
  • The massive difference in other dimensions.
  • How we can use this information in manifestation.
  • How to deal with troublesome situations through this information.
  • Being of service to others skillfully.
  • How we bring fulfillment into our other lives.

The Q&A was phenomenal:

  • What appear to be three-dimensional but are of the fourth dimension.
  • The fascinating experience of the moment of Now.
  • How the hologram works.
  • What opens up for you when your perception expands.
  • More insight into the dimensions available to lower consciousness beings.
  • Seeking solutions to disharmonious situations in other dimensions and lives.
  • The impact of other lives on you now and how to resolve it.
  • How to work the powerful aspect of non-judgment.
  • What it takes to get to the higher levels of consciousness.
  • Julius’ definition of a timeline.
  • How to find balance on your conscious journey.
  • The highly interesting origin of all happenings in dreams.
  • The deeper truth about healing.
  • Understanding of collective prayer.
  • What makes your reality and the reality of others.
  • Interesting insight into aging.
  • The amazing benefits of rewinding time.
  • What distracts us most from our souls in these times.
  • A powerful application to dissolve disease.
  • More very helpful insights for people with serious illnesses.
  • A very loving, concluding message from Julius to students.

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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