This is a 3 part class with two teachings and a discussion.

This teaching is essential for all who seek to break higher ground on their conscious journey. Not only does it open your mind, it also gets you to experience all that is spoken of in two powerful activations. It is the next fascinating level of understanding who you are, to using higher aids towards exhilarating expansiveness. This teaching is special for all those seeking much more!

In between dimensions is something extraordinary! 
What about the in-between energy?  Are they all the same?….Where are we? Why are we trying to change our dimension?
What exists in between each dimension? If there is no empty space, then what is that space?
Can you access it; can you use it; can you know it?
Is your mind open enough to contemplate these thoughts and emotions?
What if this is the energy for time travel, atomic bombs, teletransportation and more?
What about bending time?  What about reversing time?  Maybe this exists in the space in between dimensions.
This course is going to stretch your mind, and even better, expand your knowing of the things you have created beyond physical.
You have stored substances usable in every experience.
Maybe it’s time to have this conversation.

Julius gives us fascinating insights into the space between dimensions:

  • The natural appetite of the soul
  • The way thought is experienced in a dimension
  • Is there just one timeline on this earth?
  • The different ways to experience a thought
  • How time changes in a dimension
  • The spaces where time does not exist
  • How you can suspend time
  • How to recognize that you are in a different dimensional space
  • What the spaces between dimensions can do for us
  • The huge benefits of exploring between dimensions
  • Amazing information on how to manifest financial abundance, vibrant health
  • Ways to recognize when you are in a different dimensional space
  • How to access interdimensional space through projection
  • A form of unconscious projection into that space
  • How to resolve issues in this life through use of this space
  • A very powerful process to access interdimensional space
  • Another powerful process that takes you into a high-velocity field to ramp your energies

The Q&A covered some more fascinating topics and guidance:

  • The way to be in dimensional as well as astral energy
  • The difference in your dreams in the astral plane and dimensions
  • How to differentiate between emotional energies of others and dimensional energies
  • Deciphering dimensional energies on earth
  • The experience of children in this context
  • The benefits of zoning in and zoning out
  • How thought plays out in different dimensional energies
  • How to move beyond time on earth
  • Deeper insights into fractalizing thoughts
  • The connection between kundalini energy and the astral planes
  • These higher steps on the conscious journey
  • Plants’ movements in dimensional energies
Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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