3- Part Course with 2 lectures and a discussion.

The sheer importance of this teaching cannot be truly conveyed. It is about a huge state of awareness, of becoming aware of the immense and vast aspects of yourself.

The difference between realms and dimensions is vital for our awareness and understanding of who we are. In our everyday lives, we have experiences related to and access to both realm and dimensional energies. Where do you focus and align and how does this help you? This knowledge helps you to bridge the seeming chasm that exists between being human and being the light. It is this deep understanding that will clarify the significance of this playground and how we can master its intricacies.

This is advanced powerful information. We recommend the previous course “Adventuring Through Dimensions, Realms and Vortices”  found here: to assist you in going even deeper in your understanding and thus benefit even more extensively from this teaching.

In the first lecture, Julius provides many expansive insights:

  • A key understanding of self that we seldom think about.
  • Our incredible fractalization.
  • The mind-boggling insight into what we are doing as souls on a massive scale.
  • The truth about frustration.
  • The amazing rewards of being on a realm.
  • How our reality is created through realm and dimensional experiences.
  • A powerful insight to help us with our knowing.
  • How to help another to know themselves as they really are.
  • An explanation of the dimensions, energy frequencies in each seal of consciousness.
  • Do you have to stay in the third dimension, third realm?
  • The balancing mechanism for us.
  • What moves you from the fifth seal to the sixth seal.
  • Examples of imbalances in realm and dimensional experiences.
  • How to find joy in every moment.
  • The practice of yoga and such modalities in this context.
  • How locations are invaluable.
  • A general application for balancing dimensions and realms.
  • A clear indicator of imbalance.

This Q&A holds many depths and provides further clarity on these concepts:

  • How the energy frequency of a high consciousness being impacts the world.
  • What missteps on our journey can do to us.
  • A most interesting truth about people in lower seals of consciousness and their emotions.
  • Why we don’t remember past lives and connections.
  • An important component while tuning into another’s energy.
  • Further guidance and fascinating details on the grounding practice.
  • The pitch at different frequencies.
  • An analogy to describe how life is lived at the various phases of consciousness.
  • When a piece of music pops up in our heads, where does it originate from?
  • Perception through the physical body and through the light.
  • Light fields we go to after transition.
  • How we can stop missing out on experiences.
  • The huge difference between guides who have been physical and those that haven’t.
  • Julius-speak on channelling and accessing other dimensions.
  • The intricate dance of balancing thoughts and emotions.
  • The role of the body in this balancing.
  • The one sure way to measure the authenticity of a teacher.
  • What experiences do for us.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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