This was recorded at a live event.  This product consists of 2 downloadable audios.
How do we stay AWAKE in these chaotic times?
This energetic and high frequency presentation will ignite you, support you, calm you and perhaps even heal some fears within you.
Julius (channeled thru Kasey Wallis) will hit this topic head on.
Julius is known for their direct and inspiring topics of conversation to assist us on our Conscious journey. Through these teachings we expand our frequencies and learn to align and stay focused on our journey.
This topic will impact our energies now as Chaos and fear are being shoved into our realities and trying to over take our Sovereignty.
When there doesn’t seem to be any real truth out there in the News or even on deeper platforms that we rely on…how do we stay centered amidst such intentional distraction?
Julius will empower you, inspire you, remind you and help to unleash you.
They will help you find focal points, energy access and Point Zero alignment.
Come join us, and be able to ask your questions during this workshop related to this subject.
We are always so excited to be with you in person. It is such an honor to be in your energetic field.
In Love and Light,

Module 1:

  • A clear explanation of the altered ego
  • A beautiful, powerful description of who you are
  • The uniqueness of this physical plane
  • Fascinating information about Hadron colliders and synthesized frequency
  • Ground-breaking information about Atlantis and Lemuria
  • What is impacting your energy frequency bands right now
  • The creative process from thought to physical
  • The transgender agenda
  • What is awareness about?
  • Signs that you are off-balance
  • The big difference between feelings and emotions
  • Knowing forms of fake love
  • What causes chaos in your life
  • The pineal gland and ascension
  • The awesome power of knowing

Module 2:

  • The free will of souls
  • Understanding perceptions of intention
  • Transgenderism and programming
  • The wonderful theory of the white room
  • Definition and occurrence of a miracle
  • What ends and protects you from programming
  • The art and infinite benefits of knowing
  • Incredible cures explained in detail
  • The real truth about superman type of movies
  • Ways to untangle your frequency bands
  • A profound truth that puts you in creative control
  • What lowers your vibration
  • Sound bowls and your practice