This is a three part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

The very deep and very controversial subject will be faced forward in this workshop.
Julius will give us the most powerful information on what has been going on, how it has been going on and how to stop it.
You know by now that low frequency forces have been capturing humanity and Souls for a long time. It has been ramped up over the last few years. How do we recognize it? How do we prevent it? Can we get them back?
What about a partial removal? How do we become whole again?
Are you ready for this subject?
Come with us!!!!!!
In the first two modules, Julius unleashes astounding and very important information:
  • Fabulous new insights into Atlantis and Lemuria
  • How soul extraction happens
  • How the levels of consciousness play a role here
  • The dominant levels of consciousness on this earth plane
  • The two most important factors that make anyone vulnerable to soul extraction
  • When you literally but unknowingly become disempowered
  • One very significant outcome of programming that everyone is subject to
  • Julius’ definition and explanation of what a soul is
  • The one fairly common thing that causes soul misalignment and this ongoing state
  • The one solution to prevent soul extraction
  • Invisible factors that lead to a low-frequency state
  • How to get out of some of them
  • Understanding implants and soul extraction
  • The foremost priority for you and your life
  • Things to move away from
  • Signs that your soul is not properly seated in you
  • Ways to raise your frequency

A very exciting and extended Q&A:

  • What is ultimate truth?
  • Understanding mass soul extraction
  • The impact of spiritual leaders and gurus in this connection
  • Clear indicators of soul alignment
  • The truth about the cause of cancer
  • Guidance on living in toxic environments
  • Unconscious soul extraction in life
  • Impact of other fractals in other timelines/lifetimes
  • Current timeline manipulation
  • What happens to the soul after extraction
  • How to keep in high vibration with lower-frequency family members
  • How to be with those who have their soul extracted
  • Effects of altering timelines
  • One important factor in bouncing in your frequency
  • Knowing more about implants, chips, bluetooth
  • Impact of natural disasters on people and healing
  • Souls in clones?
  • Deeper complexities of soul extraction through a real-life example
  • Soul detachment explained