Can You Detach without Judgment

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August 20, 21 and 23 at 7 pm Mountain Time

This is a 3 part class with 2 discussions and a question and answer session.

In this 3 part course Julius will continue to guide us through our Consciousness.  Our journey is about letting go of judgement, detaching from things in our lives and letting go….but how do we do this without judging the things we let go of?
So many teachings along the way feel right for a while then we are not sure if they are true.  We try to include theories and practices; but are they working?  Should we love passionately so that our hearts are full, or do we let go so we do not get hurt?
Judgement is complex and challenging.  We will continue to address this topic and assist you to get through your judgements into a high conscious state.
This topic…and others, will get down to tangible usage on your daily journeys.
This course is advanced please bring your open mind, open heart and joy.
In the first discussion, Julius set off many light-bulb moments about the following:

– An important clarification on detachment on the spiritual journey
– The many different perspectives of detachment
– The crux of judgment in detachment
– Julius’ definition of detachment
– A fabulous analogy to understand this concept
– Aha moment of how the action of detachment can support judgment
– What to do in such situations
– How to know whether you are detaching with judgment
– Another amazing analogy of the flashlight of emotions
– How to realize that you have truly detached
– The next incredible level of detachment
– A clear explanation pf attachment
– The love-based alternative to attachment
– The times when detachment does not work
– Recognizing the various situations in which there is attachment
– What you let go of when you detach
– A couple of questions that help identify attachment
– How to learn how to detach
– The pitfalls for a controlling person
– The first action of detachment
– Clearing up one of the most common myths of the conscious journey
– What stops you from experiencing a continual state of joy
– What true detachment finally feels like