This is a 3 part class with 2 teachings and one discussion.

It is a teaching of such immense value and support that you will be inspired to use its deeply loving guidance to move further on your conscious journey towards knowing yourself as Source.

This topic can be a challenge to understand.  Julius sheds clear light on this subject and deepens your abilities to master the 3 dimensional world.  What does detachment mean; when do we use it; how do we do it? …these topics are covered as well as techniques of detachment.

Do you have to detach?  Do you recognize detachment?  It may truly help you understand yourself and others.

In the two lectures, Julius goes into detail and gives clear guidance:

– Where detachment is possible and where it is not
– The all-important question at a tangible level – what are you?
– Detachment from material things – is it desirable?
– The highest form of detachment
– What keeps you hooked on distraction on conscious journey
– What makes the difference between hell and heaven on earth
– Valuable insights into attachment
– The subtle connection between need and joy
– The answer to detaching from fear
– Identifying signs of when you are in fear-based attachment
– Specific examples from day-to-day life
– How to work on a tumultuous relationship
– Your power in a fear-based situation
– Detailed steps for detaching from what is playing out
– How your body is a huge aid
– Is it desirable to avoid some challenges?
– Very helpful guidance for resolving trauma
– What helps you awaken
– A beautiful practice for detaching and attaching

In true Julius style, they give further insights with deep love and understanding:

– Insight into another aspect of judgment
– The truth of hypnotherapy
– Setting intentions in the purest form
– Different ways of assimilating information
– Difference between avoidance and detachment
– Taking the beautiful practice further
– Detachment from various perspectives
– Amazing guidance for times of discouragement
– What to do when you waver from intentions
– Detachment and attachment in a family

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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