This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Do you feel Guilty because you did it?
Or because you enjoyed it?
Getting rid of Guilt!
Join Julius on this deep and profound discussion on issues of guilt that bind us. They will provide insight for your understanding so you can forgive yourself and move forward.
This topic is for everyone, especially those paralyzed with guilt.
In the first module, Julius gives you incredible insights to let go of guilt:
  • One of the reasons why we reincarnate
  • The many things that happen for you when you are in high frequency
  • The other heavy duty states that accompany guilt
  • Many deep insights and light bulb moments about guilt that make it easier to let go of it
  • Levels of guilt and degrees of ‘badness’
  • The issue of old guilt and how to know you have it
  • Does guilt have any value?
  • A powerful analogy to bring the truth home to us
  • A very deep insight into what your guilt does to the others involved

In the Q&A, Julius delves deeper into guilt and related issues:

  • The honorable perspective of ourselves in these times
  • The A B C of programming since childhood
  • Twisted reasons for guilt to watch out for
  • The only way to get out of guilt
  • Saying sorry in different scenarios
  • The entanglement of another in your guilt
  • Guilt around a loved one transitioning
  • A powerful practice to dissolve ties of guilt
  • Julius’ definition of a program
  • How to honor any experience
  • The starting point of cracking a program
  • A drastic, unknown disconnection that is a result of programming

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