The astonishing and liberating truth of who you are being has the power to move you from the binding and corrosive effects of self-judgment to the forgiveness of self. It will enable you to drop long-held  emotions of guilt, shame, fear, of being less than or unlovable to loving and accepting all aspects of your being.

You become aware of what you have chosen to experience in life this time around.

With this shift in perspective, you take the reins of life in your hands ,and create it anew.

This 2-part teaching will bring you healing, inner peace and joy, and this is the magical key to self-empowerment. It is yours the moment you accept it.

Julius explains:

  • How you create and accept an identity that is outside of yourself.
  • Why this makes it difficult to align with who you are really are within.
  • How resistance comes into your life and it leads to.
  • The reason for all conflict and war down the ages, and where resolution and peace lies.
  • Who you are being is what you have chosen to experience.
  • How to identify with the essence of your being.
  • Where you can ‘move to’ by understanding who you are being.

And there’s more:

  • Learn how souls help each other to experience who they are being, through a real life example of a student.
  • The gift you give to others, and they to you.
  • More in-depth understanding of judgment.
  • How to maintain consistency in manifestation.
  • Julius’s unique perspective and definition of what meditation truly is.

Who you are being is the driving force to your experience.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops: