This is a 3 part Workshop with 2 Teachings & 1 Discussion

This teaching leaves you with a record number of insights and Aha moments that help you realign and gather momentum in your conscious work. It offers vital understandings for all the times we get derailed from our pursuit of a higher consciousness due to all the distractions that exist in this physical world.

For those who are looking for the deeper understanding into the seals of consciousness – this is it. Do you feel stuck or trapped within a seal of Consciousness? How do we get into the next seal? Speed bumps, limitations, resistances will melt away as you absorb the these deeply impactful messages.  What do you do when old issues keep revisiting you and prevent you from being the light being that you really are?

We can never give you enough knowledge  about the Seals. Students have been deeply appreciative of all the guidance they received in this course. As always, Julius delivers much more than can be gauged by the title of the teaching.

Julius gives you those crucial insights and practical guidance:

  •  The crucial component for progression.
  • A deeper, pivotal understanding of the altered ego state.
  • The most challenging, dominant seal of consciousness.
  • How the first, second, third world countries are formed at the consciousness level.
  • The relationship between these worlds and seals of consciousness.
  • The seal of consciousness most predominant in the United States Of America.
  • One of the indicators of falling back into social consciousness – the second seal.
  • Characteristics of coming out of second seal consciousness into a broader perspective.
  • One of the biggest reasons for getting stuck in a seal of consciousness.
  • The deep misconception in the seals of consciousness that gets you stuck.
  • The interesting example of a Walt Disney park.
  • What happens when you bounce in consciousness.
  • The block of spiritual arrogance in a particular seal.
  • Indications that you are stuck in a seal of consciousness.
  • The mapping system within you that is showing you the way.
  • How to get over being stuck.
  • How to help loved ones who are stuck.
  • How Jesus and Buddha reached enlightenment.
  • A stunning revelation about your conscious journey.
  • The instantaneous way to know the difference between a fear-based or a love-based thought.
  • Meeting the challenge of a conscious journey.
  • The key component to progression.
  • The inspiration of the third seal of consciousness.
  • Practical suggestions for moving forward in your daily life.

 Every sentence was significant in the Q&A:

  •  The energy of attachment and connection.
  • Leaving an abusive relationship and loved ones behind.
  • The way out of victimhood and the second seal of consciousness.
  • Important keys to manifestation.
  • The attitude of always having to be right – what seal is it?
  • How to move past limitation and blocks on the spiritual journey.
  • How education can limit or expand.
  • Using lower frequencies of emotions in creative pursuits.
  • How to get out of altered ego habits.
  • Insights into the aging process.
  • Fabulous guidance to third seal of consciousness beings.
  • An inspiring example of resolving issues.
  • The amazing benefit of having a good cry.
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