This workshop focuses on the aspects of illusional masks we wear along our Conscious journey..

We have such an intricate relationship with our altered ego; how do we identify ourselves as we expand in our journey? Are we fooled by the altered ego to believe we have expanded, thereby halting our progress in an illusional state of being?…. Progress can slow down for us as humans once we feel achievements have occurred…

Are there still masks through High Consciousness?
Each thought in the now can present so much opportunity, how do we keep the Altered Ego from settling on just one?

This teaching workshop will be a bit challenging for most, but we trust your appetite for expansion will ease you.

In the first lecture, Julius helps us clearly understand the many masks we may be wearing:
– A clear explanation of the masks we wear
– What masks are associated with in low consciousness
– Practical examples of the masks human beings wear in day-to-day life
– Why we wear masks
– The basic phases of a conscious journey
– The underlying reason for your chronic condition
– The consequences of wearing masks
– Interesting insights into energy problems
– What masks immediately do to you
– Where you are in your level of consciousness
– What happens in the fifth level of consciousness
– A very odd thing that happens when you are in higher consciousness
– What happens to your relationships as you grow and expand
– How to pee off the masks
– Julius gives you a highly inspiring understanding of who you are really

The Q&A is amazing in its inspiration and guidance:
– How to progress on our journey through this physical plane
– Two major distractions on the conscious journey
– Is meditation the only way forward?
– How to deal with certain aspects of gaining empowerment
– A very helpful insight that helps you see your hidden masks
– How to connect with your soul to be more authentic
– Difference between our personality and the roles we play
– Deeper understanding of narcissists
– Clarity into low consciousness teachers pretending to be high consciousness
– Obstacles to dropping masks
– What attitude is all about

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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