Understanding the True Difference Between High Consciousness and Low Consciousness
This product was filmed at a live event and includes the video and downloadable audio versions of the event. Just under 3 hours total in length.
Julius provides clear and concise understanding of this topic.  There is so much misinformation out there for Humanity, it’s time to clear up the understanding.
You cannot travel on your journey if you don’t know where your starting from.
Julius’ teachings are the most powerful energy of Consciousness that you will experience; they assist you to become inspired to understand yourself like you have never done before.
Come sit with us and experience information like your have never understood before for who you are, and how to expand yourself.
Love, healing, money,… the possibilities for all these experiences are tied to this subject.

Module 1:
– Who is Julius?
– A description of God
– The key to moving from one level of consciousness to the next one
– Our early journey on this earth plane
– Understanding Christ consciousness or hyperconsciousness
– Brief descriptions of lower levels of consciousness
– Very deep, highly crucial insights into how much and all that we judge
– Who you are authentically
– Thoroughly and deeply understanding bridge consciousness/4th level of consciousness
– How to decipher between judgment and a truth
– What truly aligns you to your light-being essence
– The finer points of recognition and awareness
– Important things to be aware of before you embark on bridge consciousness
– Why ‘altered ego’ instead of just ‘ego’
– The massive difference between tolerating and allowing
– The truth about the ‘virus’ and its effectiveness
– When you experience some of your biggest leaps in awareness

Module 2:
– A starting practice to move from low to high consciousness
– The biggest challenge in this endeavor
– The one very vital thing to leave out of the equation
– The keys to success on your spiritual journey
– The one action that takes you into high consciousness
– Acceleration of the manifestation process
– Deeper into the magic of frequency
– Thoughts, emotions and fractals of lightbeingness
– Life on the dimensions of this earth
– An amazing practice for 6 months for magnificent transformation
– How to deal with low-frequency emotions
– An instant lifeline into calming the altered ego and into higher consciousness
– What opens and shuts the mind
– A powerful physical practice for your hormonal flow
– Understanding the flow of thought through your body
– Some amazing truths about breath work
– An incredible true story about the huge benefits of one type of breathwork
– Julius leads participants through this breathwork
– Loving, highly inspiring words from Julius in conclusion

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.