Dates have been changed. Current dates for live workshop are January 25, 26 & 28, 2022 at 6pm MT.

Do you often have dreams of yourself with abilities you don’t seem to have in this life when you’re awake?
There are ways to assist you in aligning with other aspects of yourself.
Julius will discuss how some of these alignments work and how to assist you in your continued expansion.
Join us for this discussion and come away with a deeper understanding of yourself.

In the first two modules, Julius gives invaluable insights into this topic:

– The wider perspective of gifts
– Why we lose remembrance of other lifetimes
– The gifts we access in any given lifetime
– Fascinating insights into the first few years of life
– In-depth Understanding of why we are not connected to our gifts
– The main thing that blocks the unleashing of gifts
– A deep understanding of the concept that allows gifts to be accessed
– A wonderful exercise to ascertain if you are aligned
– The state of being that facilitates the emergence of other gifts & talents
– This major factor that blocks gifts,one we may easily recognize
– These 2 things inhibit our gifts
– This very significant component in the flowing of our gifts
– A beautiful, profound declaration to unleash our gifts
– How we may be sabotaging our access to gifts
– Practising this art helps us access our gifts
– How to change our conditioning
– The greatest gift of all
– An Aha moment about resistance
– An incredible practice to facilitate gifts
– A comprehensive description of the conscious journey
– Understanding frequencies of gifts, with examples
– Julius’ view on hallucinogenic substances and hypnosis
– More interesting truths about our gifts and where they exist