In this 2-part workshop, Julius walks you through how some of your limited perspective of your gifts can end up blocking them.

Everyone on a Conscious journey wants some sort of miraculous gift to be experienced by then. It is often the sampling of a gift that leads you on the direction of Spiritual growth. What if you have been waiting for just a tiny taste?…What if you can have it all?..

Julius deepens your understanding of perspectives regarding your gifts and how to access all possibilities waiting for you.

In the lecture, Julius gives a wealth of information and guidance to awaken and expand all our gifts:
– What makes for a fluid transition into your gifts
– The program that blocks your gifts
– Fabulous guidance on how to unlock your gifts
– How the 3D world can cause an obstruction and how to get past it
– How the gifts deepen in their demonstration
– Wonderful energetic practices to encourage accessing the flow of your gifts
– One fundamental aspect to work on first
– The truth about aligning with and choosing gifts
– The powerful space that births and expands your gifts
– How far-reaching the impact of these gifts have on every sphere of your life
– The pitfalls you may encounter and how to overcome them
– When you need to speak up
– One very important thing to do in these current times

In the fantastic Q&A, Julius helps us further in our discovery and expansion of our gifts:
– What causes your glitch in your intuitive reading of someone
– More insights into healing a chronic condition
– A key component in all that we seek to become
– Is it a lag or a block in manifestation?
– How to hear messages clearly
– The beautiful movement of your fractals
– The truth about being left-handed and righthanded
– Amazing guidance on gifts you may not even know exist
– Other tools you may use to awaken and expand your gifts

Supporting Workshops & Activations:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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