For those looking to become intuitive or enhance their intuition, this teaching brings the best news. Julius tells us this ability is accessible to almost everyone but most have not paid attention to it. Or those who sense they have this ability are not able to call it up at will.

Julius goes into great depth to explain how we ignore our intuitive abilities and gifts, how we can access and enhance them.

This 2-part teaching includes practices and fun games that will surely make intuition second nature to you. And we are told that when we access our intuition, we better our lives are start living at a magical, fascinating level of connection to all things.

Julius teaches you about this most interesting aspect of you:

  • Who has access to intuition.
  • The resistance within you about intuition.
  • How intuitiveness has been sensationalized.
  • What is intuition in your day-to-day life.
  • The difference between you and a psychic, or empath.
  • Various effective practices, fun games and ways to refine your intuition in great detail.
  • How and when to requesting increased intuitiveness.
  • About cutting off intuitiveness.

More to know:

  • Long distance intuition.
  • An interesting insight into the meddling with the earth and its atmosphere.
  • How to differentiate between intuition and projection of thoughts.
  • Using the senses to refine your abilities.
  • About intuition and judgment.
  • Your experience of your abilities is according to your consciousness.
  • On the manifestation process.
  • Intuitive ability when for yourself and loved ones?
  • A fascinating fact about some misfires in intuition.
  • About practices such as starving, rhythmic drumming, sweat lodges, ingesting ayahuasca.
  • Developing telepathy.
  • About the teachings of Jesus.
  • Intuition and age.
  • Does intuition work all the time?
  • The third eye.
  • Intuition of animals.

“Intuitiveness lies in the second energy frequency band, in the infra-red bandwidth around you. That’s where instinctual and intuitiveness lives.” ~ Julius

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