This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

Julius says there are 2 clear ways to recognizing why your Soul came to this realm.  Besides Joy, your Soul often has somewhat of an agenda.  It has often been described as Destiny, Purpose, Soul Contract, and oftentimes been described as what you are supposed to do.
When you have been told your supposed to accomplish something, what does that mean?
Of course, we perceive the answer through human perspective, but your Soul is a light being, so how do we decipher the answer or clues for ourselves?
This is an awesome class of interpretation, answers, understanding and clarity.
Come discover your purpose.

In the first module, Julius gives us amazing clarity and information on this vital topic:

  • Brad’s personal experience in this context
  • One of the reasons for repetitive experiences
  • One clear way to recognize your purpose
  • Living your daily life in a high consciousness state
  • The other very clear way of identifying your purpose
  • What leads to an authentic healer and healing
  • How we may serve each other to find resolution to issues
  • What to do when your purpose or destiny seems to come to an end
  • Do you have more than one purpose?
  • Why you may not be able to identify your purpose
  • The many benefits of being aligned with your purpose

In the Q&A, Julius provides more enlightening information:

  • A description of the soul in its purest state
  • Do we set our purpose before birth?
  • Your experience as an individual or as Oneness
  • Tackling the grind on the conscious journey
  • The play of free will on your journey
  • Empowering daily practices
  • Can you develop your purpose as you go through life?
  • What our ultimate purpose is
  • How to get past roadblocks within us
  • The 2 major fears of humans
  • Loving words and guidance from Julius in closing


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