This is a very important teaching for all who are on their conscious awakened journey. Julius gives specific guidance and support in facing the most challenging issue of resistance to “Breaking The Rules” of The Game Of Life.

We have both created, and chosen, roles for ourselves which in turn have picked our positions, if you will, on the playing field. We have created these identities for ourselves and others.

When choosing to become a higher state of consciousness, these very roles and positions can become very limiting and lead to sameness and stagnation.

Learn all about the critical elements in this game of life, how to shed the great resistance and limitation of previous roles and how to play in your authentic, expansive position from now on.

Julius guides you through New Thought Processes and Awarenesses to help you “WIN” your Game Of Life, or perhaps create a New Experience where you don’t need to “WIN” at all.


We Guarantee, yes, we said Guarantee, that after this course, you will see yourself differently, expanded and transformed.

Julius leads you into authenticity and fulfillment:

  • The massive distraction in the soul’s expression and knowing of itself.
  • The profound and potentially life-changing realisation that most reach too late in life.
  • The subtle pressures that stop you on your conscious journey.
  • The choice of a brave soul.
  • The rewards of being in the game and out of it.
  • The big lock and key in this game.
  • How do you know you have left the game?
  • The greatest fear of others when you embark on your awakening.
  • Moving from stagnation and sameness into fulfillment.
  • How do you change your experience of the game?
  • How to move from recreating limitation to creating new unlimited opportunities.
  • The dysfunction of having a foot on the playing field and the other on your conscious journey.
  • How to identify your playing fields and your positions in them.
  • Why most human beings feel misery and pain, not satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • The metaphorical barnacles that lock you down.
  • The amazing self-empowering truth that will release these barnacles.
  • Severing the massive boulder tied to your ankle.
  • The truth about missed opportunities.
  • An important insight for wise parenting.
  • The strong binding force of a universally felt emotion.
  • The serving and non-serving elements of this extremely binding emotion.
  • Other limiting energetic states that are tied to this emotion.
  • Step-by-step guidance and effective daily practices to release this emotional state.
  • Resetting your subconscious accepted thoughts of self.
  • The best gift you can give a resistant person.
  • How to then move powerfully into individualism and authenticity.
  • How to integrate your expansion with life on the physical realm, leading to mastery.

And there is additional in-depth information on:

  • The powerful Isness.
  • About the nano-second of non-judgement.
  • Walking the fine line between the soul and the altered ego.
  • Handling impatience in manifestation.
  • When will collective consciousness shift to love?
  • A very interesting insight into what Jesus was like and his work.
  • Our true role in life.
  • Does saying ‘sorry’ bring resolution and non-judgment?
  • The truth about forgiving others and yourself.
  • The connection between your soul’s path and your perspective.

The journey of this course is getting away from sameness, from what others perceive to be ordinary into the extraordinary experience, which is always individualism and always authenticity.” ~ Julius



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These courses are strongly recommended for this course, and they sit at the foundation of most of all Julius teachings, and also the human experience of life.

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