Three part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

In this 3 part discussion Julius will address the polarized brain and how it got that way. Also how the brain shifts as you raise your frequency. This class will blow you away and leave you hopeful for your accessibility to enlightenment.

In the first module, Julius gives amazing information on the brain:

  • How far has science understood the brain?
  • The role of the brain on the conscious journey
  • Interesting insights into indigo and crystalline children
  • What activates different parts of the brain
  • One major benefit of brain activation on the conscious journey
  • A description of our original brain and how it has changed
  • Deeper understanding of the left and right side of the brain
  • The brain in the levels of consciousness
  • Changes the body in higher levels of consciousness
  • A major ongoing factor that keep the hemispheres separate
  • Real-life example of Brad’s recovery from a severe brain injury
  • The most important key to more brain activation
  • What are the veils that block us?
  • The brain and kundalini energy – insights
  • The stage at which we rise above polarity of the physical
  • What happens to your body in the 5th level of consciousness
  • What contributes to your brain health
  • The many benefits of brain activation
  • An amazing, powerful brain activation that can be repeated as often as you like

The Q&A throws further light on many interesting aspects:

  • Fascinating insights into the sacrum fluid, kundalini energy and different parts of the brain
  • Understanding contemplation and its activation of the brain
  • Very inspirational words from a student with cerebral palsy
  • Julius adds more wisdom to her words
  • Activities that engage both hemispheres of the brain
  • How to end left brain dominance
  • Why we sometimes feel content and blissful when we hear something
  • Possible outcomes of doing the brain activation at night
  • Causes, symptoms, resolution of brain fog
  • The purpose of the division in the brain
  • The truth about more than one brain in a lifetime
  • Is coconut oil a brain tonic?
  • Benefits of the brain

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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