This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

Addressing the stress issues everyone has been dealing with, Julius assists everyone in recalibrating themselves from stress. This time has been so interesting for everyone, but so challenging for many.  Stress can embed itself in your energetic field as well as in your body.

It can attach itself without you realizing it, causing a rebound effect on your Conscious journey.

Julius provides ways to focus and clear and clean your field to help prep for expansive things to come.

They also provide a short clearing process for you.

In the lecture, Julius goes deep into the subject of stress and how to relieve it:

– The one factor that can resolve stress
– What builds stress within us, what it is a by-product of
– What sort of person are you?
– The underlying state that is the seed of stress
– The inner program that adds to the stress
– Powerful actions to dissolve stress
– Important diet tips
– A wonderful analogy of a window and relieving stress
– The things you can do in your environment to help reduce stress
– The things to avoid doing when in stress
– First things to do in the morning
– An amazing practice to withstand other people’s stress
– A powerful destressing process by Julius, can be done regularly

The Q&A addressed many more interesting aspects of stress and transformation:

– The decision between chemo and no chemo
– What does an empath do when surrounded by stressed people?
– When the usual methods of dissolving stress don’t work, what will?
– How to get into knowing from hope and belief
– An example from Kasey and Brad’s life to illustrate moving from the grind to the flow
– How to dissolve accumulated stress
– One more thing to do along with your conscious work to move away from stress
– The misalignment that leads to stress
– Beautiful guidance for healers and counsellors
– What to do when you see the control allowed by others
– Important guidance on more harmonious communication

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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