This is a 4 module package plus 2 bonus modules.

What if YOU could FINALLY Master the Mystery of the States of Consciousness?

What if YOU could FINALLY KNOW the difference between Low Consciousness  and High Consciousness?

What if YOU could BREAK THROUGH the limits of this physical realm, and finally reach the EXPANSIVE STATE of the Light Being you really are?

This teaching will forever change your existence, your knowing of yourself, and your understanding of who you are. It will cut the shackles that bind you and reveal the mysteries of consciousness that have eluded you thus far in your human existence.

Kasey & Brad Wallis channel a non-physical, high light-energy teaching group named JULIUS. The entities that comprise JULIUS were themselves once human. Over countless lifetimes they mastered the states of consciousness and were finally able to break the cycle of reincarnation and ascend off this physical realm. 

Now, in this teaching series, JULIUS reveals the vital missing information of what’s been stopping you (and almost all of humanity) from reaching a state of enlightenment. 

Through this teaching we are going to transcend you from the physical into the ethereal. From the feeling that you are a human being into the Knowing that YOU are Light.

Are you done with FEAR? Do you desire LOVE and everything that goes with it? Then it’s time to come with us Across the Bridge. 

Module 1

Being a physical being is a limited state of consciousness. When you perceive yourself as a physical being, you experience LIMITATION in your life. The physical experience has become the most binding effect for souls; for Light Beings who have lost their knowing of themselves. And it is the state where you have resided for tens of thousands of lifetimes. 

Bridging Consciousness is the state of consciousness that releases you from the binding effects of the physical into the expansive experiences of the light. It is the missing link in what, until now, has been your arduous journey to reach enlightenment.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Why this physical realm is an Illusion
  • Why humans have become STUCK in this Illusion
  • Why this realm is so important to us as Human beings. Why we can’t let things go. 
  • Why our physical bodies have become our main focus and priority here on this realm
  • Why that thought process keeps us stuck here.

Module 2

You have likely been told that you are a “Light Being” from God. That you have a soul that resides within you…

Most of you have accepted this fact, but most do not understand why you’re a light being, why you’re in a physical experience, why you chose a physical embodiment, and how this light became a prisoner to the physical experience

Do you know what is real and what is an illusion on this realm?  

In this module you’ll learn:

  • What conscious, collective creative energy is 
  • How you contribute to it in all you do
  • How it can imprison you and other ways it affects you
  • What Bridge Consciousness is
  • How non-judgment plays its role in all of this

Module 3

Throughout human history there has been extremely limited information available about high consciousness. The information that did come through was misunderstood, miscalculated and misconstrued due to the low conscious state of the humans receiving it. Not only that, there have been forces actively working to change the message to keep you limited and controlled

This subject matter — Bridging Consciousness — is what’s been stopping you. Not knowing what this state is fully. Not understanding the depths and components of this state. Not being able to access the information about this state.

You have been separated from your remembering process… until now!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The secret ingredient that has kept you from your Higher Self
  • What has bound you to this Realm from lifetime to lifetime
  • Why this information has been kept from you — until now

Module 4

Judgment is like poison. In this teaching module you’re going to learn how to finally stop taking that poison. When you do, you’ll start to heal… you’ll feel better… your mind will be clearer… you’ll sleep better at night… you’ll have more energy. 

Why? Because the state of joy is renewal to your physical embodiment. When you are in a state of is-ness (Living in the Now), you are in a continual state of joy. 

Your whole life is a do-over. You can re-create your life anytime you desire. That’s the difference between low consciousness and high. Low consciousness is repeating actions over and over again because they’re laced with fear. Bridging Consciousness is the process of leaving behind fear and judgment of thought, which in turn lets you drop off judgment of anything. It helps you accept that you are the creator of everything — your life and your experience.  

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to change your Thought Process
  • How Polarity influences your thoughts
  • Alternative methods to get yourself out of judgment

Module 5 – Bonus – How to Finally Master Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most challenging actions that you ever take on in the physical realm. The emotions of guilt, remorse, expectation and disappointment from judging yourself and others block the high consciousness state and stop you from receiving high frequency thoughts. 

These thoughts of judgment and non-forgiveness also bind you and cause disease and decay in your physical body. 

In order to expand, to receive and to be the all, you must master forgiveness… but how do you do this?

In this Bonus discussion with JULIUS you will:

  • Finally understand the true process of forgiveness
  • Discover the miraculous thing that occurs when you forgive
  • Learn how to eliminate the need to ever forgive anything ever again

Module 6 – Bonus – Clearing Meditation for Bridge Consciousness

Bridging Consciousness is the state of being where you accept the All as the is-ness that is Source — without judgment and opinion. You live simply in the joy and bliss of knowing that in accepting the All, you become the All.

In this dynamic 20 minute meditation, JULIUS guides you through a unique process to open up your mind, clear all previous judgments and capture new thoughts.

Find yourself in a state of pure love where fear does not reside… eager to experience new possibilities… participating in the possibility of the All.