This is a 3-part course with 2 lectures and a discussion.

This is a master course for all people on their conscious journey because all will become empathic at some time while on it. It is a course that will help you navigate the riptides of thoughts and emotions that you first begin to absorb unwittingly. From those initial steps of not realizing what is blindsiding you constantly to this mastery is the journey that you cannot skip even if you wanted to. Through these teachings of Julius, you will start enjoying this fascinating and expansive gift that you have acquired on the way and it will lead you to mastery in more ways than one, give you joy as well as great compassion in diverse ways and situations. Till you get to the knowing that you are in truth the All!

This is a comprehensive teaching on empathy.  How do you become empathic? The empathic path can be painful, misunderstood, and one of the least desirable experiences we think we might want – the perfect platform for the altered ego mind to step in and block our journey forward. If the empathic path leads to compassion and the knowing that we are Source, how do we initiate that experience for ourselves? How do we access the template? With the intention of bringing forth this gift, perhaps we can have a little more control in the experience of it.

Come with us as we deepen further our discussions for empaths and their delicate lives and experiences in trying to find balance on this realm.

In the lectures, Julius gives very fascinating information and guidance into the world of empaths:

  • A most interesting fact about what interferes with intuitive or empathic abilities.
  • Julius’ description of the empathic ability.
  • The gifts that accompany this ability.
  • The scenario for a practitioner with empathic ability.
  • The extra challenge that empaths face.
  • The hugely inaccurate diagnosis of this ability in the medical field.
  • Why so many children these days are coming with this ability.
  • What activates empathy and what detaches you from it.
  • The important difference between sympathy and compassion in this context.
  • A most fascinating occurrence when a human being starts accessing their empathic ability.
  • How to access empathic abilities in a creative, gentle manner.
  • How to identify if you or someone else is an empath.
  • How to activate the empathic ability.
  • What constitutes mastery of the empathic ability.
  • Vital daily practices and very strong recommendations for empaths.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to support empaths in your life.
  • The next level of mastery for empaths.
  • Some very fascinating ways to use this gift in life and everyday situations.
  • A delightful practice with a house plant and then taking it further.
  • Julius’ emphatic advice on the one thing you should avoid doing.
  • Julius takes the analogy of an army and war and gives it a beautiful twist.

Julius gives deeper insights and practices for mastering this path:

  • Safeguarding the water we drink from low-frequency energy.
  • How to do a daily energy sweep of your home.
  • A fascinating insight into the energy imprint of words and intention.
  • How to move forward when you’ve just discovered you’re an empath.
  • Whose thoughts do you absorb when experiencing emotions?
  • How to differentiate between picking up others’ energies and your own reactions.
  • How to simplify certain things in life.
  • A powerful practice in the midst of a low-frequency situation or interaction.
  • The way out of reactions when you and loved ones are empathic and telepathic.
  • The best way to stop absorbing others’ low frequency states.
  • Practising these moments of wizardry and sorcery.
  • Tapping in and out of the energy field of another.
  • Empathy at the sixth seal level and at the lower 3 seals level.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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