Three Part Course

Deciphering The Gifts Of The Universe

This advanced teaching has so many Aha moments and deep groundbreaking insights that it will take time and repeated listening to the audios to understand all that Julius provided as information. It is a teaching that you will contemplate deeply to try and understand all its myriad nuances. Yet its energy and sheer inspiration will motivate you and help you progress towards those ever-expanding truths that are so rewarding in their expression in life. This course is a ‘must have’ for all who are passionate about their conscious journey.

You may be getting what you asked for even if you don’t recognize it.

Most human beings begin a conscious journey because something isn’t working in their lives. The common issues for humans are money, health, and love.

Entry level teachings talk about being able to manifest and create the life we want through designed programs and patterns of thought and desire. Then most of us practice and practice and at best can get this to work just part of the time. Or does it work more often than that? Perhaps our thoughts are manifesting in an immeasurable amount of ways, but our altered ego prevents us from defining those things as the desires we have been seeking to manifest and therefore, convincing us that the spiritual path does not work. Disappointment and frustration then becomes a huge part of our decision to try expanding our consciousness and it is this part that causes many of us to quit the journey or at least slow down our practices.

Julius will help us to recognize the undefined experiences that we are creating, thereby supporting our efforts and validating our magnificence. The altered ego demands proof based on previous and therefore, won’t validate us in the now. How can we get to the truths behind the illusion of lies?

Be fully supported on your journey with this extraordinary course. Julius provides clear guidelines on how to decipher that we are continually manifesting our desires in innumerable ways and how to stay on course.

In the lectures, Julius unleashed invaluable information and a slew of unique, powerful practices:

  • A very important insight into the altered ego.
  • Why our manifestation is usually so limited.
  • Why most people go on a spiritual journey.
  • How this reason sabotages the shift in consciousness.
  • Deep, deep insights into the manifestation process.
  • Where most people falter in this process.
  • The primary reason why people leave the conscious journey.
  • Is the hard work or struggle really necessary?
  • A staggering insight into how we neglect our vastness in manifestation.
  • A most inspiring analogy of the locomotive.
  • The teaching of faith in this context.
  • About wanting to have change but not doing the one thing that provides it.
  • The one very significant activity we are doing all the time.
  • The clean fuel for our manifestation.
  • A unique and amazing practice to recognize something that is not in front of us yet.
  • Suggestions for our daily life to lessen the impact of pervading fear.
  • What very emphatically keeps us from perceiving the gifts of the universe.
  • An important thing to do before beginning the manifestation process.
  • The next wonderful practice to do that brings recognition and fulfillment.
  • Yet another amazing practice that helps tremendously in this context and evokes huge gratitude.
  • A significant component that gets in the way of these practices.
  • A wonderful practice to do alone, your partner or your children with great benefits for all.

The information given in this Q&A was off the charts:

  • How do you identify an emotion you haven’t had yet?
  • The lowest version of ourselves and how it impacts us.
  • How you can help yourself in concurrent lives.
  • What kundalini energy is.
  • How to keep the altered ego out of a current experience.
  • All that you are in concurrent lives.
  • A huge Aha moment about manifestation.
  • Manifestation and changes in your life.
  • Manifesting from a higher consciousness state.
  • The ways of absorbing information by the body.
  • Material and non-material manifestation.
  • More on the inner 5 senses.
  • The high-frequency awareness state of thoughts and emotions.
  • Suggestions for outlets of fear.
  • Using words to evoke emotions.
  • Attraction to objects and emotional response.
Foundation Workshops: