As one of the eternal concepts in human consciousness, it has confused, completed, helped us to recognize or perhaps even been an impediment in our path.
It has raised more questions in the awakened than solved them.

What is the deeper meaning and understanding of this concept?
Does your path become easier with faith?
Or does it make things more confusing for you?
Does faith have different meanings or is there one meaning universally to master?

This extraordinary course is for advanced students of consciousness.

It shatters many myths, definitions, limited truths about faith, only to lead us on magnificently to our knowing that we are Source. It is the only knowing through which we attain total self-empowerment.

The truly remarkable aspect of this teaching is the almost immediate leap in understanding of how the age-old concept of faith can work so subliminally and powerfully in us.

This discussion will go deep, ignite passions within you and inspire you to scale the heights of your knowing.

Julius leads us to true understanding:

  •  The consequences of our insistence on proof.
  • When faith can have a detrimental effect.
  • When does it help you to follow a teaching or teacher?
  • When and why you go around in circles.
  • The illustrative analogy of pi.
  • What causes atheism?
  • Faith and your disempowerment.
  • The most expansive truth about truth.
  • What is God and enlightenment?
  • The ultimate teaching of love and allowing.
  • Did the faith embedded in us empower or disempower us?
  • The anger management tool given to everyone.
  • Are hope and faith interchangeable?
  • The training wheels on your conscious journey and when they become an impediment.
  • Why do some things not work out?
  • Why and how we get derailed on our conscious journey.
  • More on the journey through the 4th seal of consciousness.
  • The overwhelming concept of being the All.
  • The best approach to tackle these obstacles.
  • The only thing that brings everyone relief.

More depth is added to the understanding through:

  • The conspiracy against spirituality down the ages and how it all began.
  • The origin of God and God’s will.
  • Overcoming blocks to abundance and all you desire.
  • The transition from the altered ego state to the higher seals of consciousness.
  • The only way you become a 6th seal being.
  • What truth is at the individual and universal level.
  • The unique value of this physical realm.
  • The effect of other peoples’ judgment on you.
  • How and why you overcome previous perceptions, wounds and limitations.
  • The immense healing power of compassion explained.