Consciousness On Medication

This course is exceptional because it addresses an urgent need of our times and helps us lift ourselves out of limitation.
At this time in our earth’s history, the maximum number of people are on some medication or the other. It is an area of huge relevance if you are on your conscious journey.
Can you have success on your path if medications are a part of your life because of pain, chronic conditions, imbalances in the body, non-functioning of other parts of the body?  What challenges does this add to your already difficult choices?  Can you truly have the ability to move forward consciously?
This topic is controversial but absolutely necessary because of its implications at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of our being. As Julius tackles this subject head on, you receive clear guidance, solutions as well as practical suggestions on how to go forward, the avenues you or your loved ones can take for beneficial outcomes. You learn ways to manage both medications and consciousness and how to integrate consciousness in every aspect of life.

In the lecture, Julius gave immense clarity on this common yet troubling issue and the solutions:

  • Two types of side effects of medications.
  • The side effects that do not majorly affect your conscious journey.
  • An important evaluation to be undertaken.
  • The obstacle on your conscious journey.
  • Do much-touted hallucinogenic drugs help you in your consciousness?
  • How to navigate your way through the medications you are prescribed.
  • Inspiring examples of students on medication.
  • A unique perspective on medication.
  • The way out if you get bogged down.
  • The hidden hook that will always keep you down.
  • The key component on a conscious journey.
  • Why heartache may not be bad.
  • Relationships and medication.
  • Brad’s inspirational story.

Julius unleashed a huge wave of inspiration and guidance in the Q&A:

  • Highly interesting insights into artificial testosterone supplementation.
  • The role of the pineal and pituitary gland on the conscious journey.
  • A very helpful guideline for proportionate body weight.
  • How to circumvent pain to focus on the conscious journey.
  • What the soul is telling you through pain.
  • How to help loved ones with the issue of medication.
  • How to deal with depression, anxiety and lack of sleep.
  • An absolute truth about chemical medication.
  • The red flag that alerts you about non-movement in consciousness.
  • The various important components to be understood and be responsible for.
  • Impact of Chinese, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine on consciousness.
  • One vital difference between advice and suggestion.
  • Some very important truths about the medical system and your body.
  • The crucial things to loop together for an extraordinary conscious journey.
  • A very helpful practice at the start of the day.
  • Inspiring words from Julius on how they did it and how we can do it.

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