This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

In this advanced workshop,  Julius explains aspects of your Astral body and how to utilize this energy space for personal healing.
What is the Astral Body?  How to we access it?  How do we train ourselves to project it?  What energies are available to our Astral Consciousness?
This deep discussion takes you into the exciting discovery of broader aspects of who you are energetically.
Julius unleashes a huge amount of fascinating information on this topic:
  • What the astral body is
  • The possibilities of the astral plane
  • The important difference between high-consciousness and drug-induced altered state of consciousness
  • A glimpse into the phases into the soul
  • Deeper insights into dreams and near-death experiences
  • All that happens in lucid dreaming
  • Major benefits of astral travel
  • The amazing access your astral body gives you into other experiences
  • The unknown, unspoken damages from hallucinogens or plants
  • Explanation into the interrelation between the soul and astral body
  • What not to do or think before astral projection
  • Three phases/practices of preparation for astral travel
  • An additional step after the first 2 phases
  • The practice of accessing and using quantum energy for healing
  • Practical uses of this type of astral projection
  • Another technique for astral body projection
  • Other fascinating applications help you
  • Further suggestions to enhance your experience

Julius unveils more exciting information in the Q&A:

  • The amazing benefits of mercury and crystals
  • The magic of seeing energy
  • Two key components to astral travel
  • Using astral travel to access wisdom through jumps into timeline/lifetime experiences
  • Interesting insights into angels
  • Wonderful suggestions by students for ease in astral travel
  • How to know you have lost a part of your astral body
  • How to access inspiration from high-frequency beings
  • Is medical knowledge necessary for healers?
  • Guidance on remote viewing
  • Tones and colors of existences
  • Ridding your body of toxins through the astral body
  • Tackling unwanted thoughts of fear

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