This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

In this powerful and difficult topic Julius will address humans’ obsessions with past lives.
Past life regression, Karma, excuses for past life issues. Have these become just another excuse why you can’t or won’t progress.
Are you brave enough to have this discussion without judgement?
Julius will go deeper and deeper into the subject of being “human” vs “light being”.
In the first two modules, Julius explains in clear terms what holds us back:
  • The truth about the concept of past lives
  • Understanding time
  • Insights into timelines interfacing each other
  • All that we are programmed with
  • Is what we take for granted in our world really the ultimate truth?
  • The difference in experience of time from separateness and unity
  • Why we cannot remember our past lives
  • The bear trap of low frequency
  • The power of the Now
  • Why people are preoccupied with past lives
  • The truth about many myths surrounding past lives
  • How you transcend the influences of the past
  • The key components to naturally see into other lifetimes
  • The drawbacks of going into past lives
  • Deep insights into the altered ego
  • Beautiful guidance for practitioners
  • Deeper insights into the mystical Now

Fascinating more insights in the Q&A:

  • Understanding more about timelines colliding and interfacing each other
  • Guidance on understanding others’ viewpoints and behavior
  • Knowing more about emotions and judgment
  • When we move sideways in the moment of Now
  • Insights into past trauma work
  • How to deal with limitation in life
  • How much do you linger in other timelines?
  • The complex nature of fractals and timelines
  • The astounding truth about archaeological findings
  • Reality of each person
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