This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and a discussion.

Julius oftentimes uses the term mirror Consciousness to describe either an experience, or how to view ourselves. In this discussion they will deliver a clear definition of what that is, but more importantly how to use it.
Every opportunity to take a look into who and what we are is always time beautifully spent.
Who are we, why are we?
How do we get unstuck from our traumas and limited perspectives?
How did we as Source set up our reality to assure our success in knowing ourselves…
This advanced discussion is for those desiring further and further challenges in understanding with clarity what Source is… 
Julius unleashes exciting information that may be head-spinning:
  • The purpose and help provided by these teachings
  • The longstanding obstacle to knowing all that we are
  • What mirror consciousness is, in detail
  • Our magical original experience of earth
  • Why fractals of you as Oneness were created
  • A fascinating explanation of the first mirror conscious reflective action
  • The greatest joy and how you get to it
  • A clear definition of mirror consciousness
  • The path to knowing yourself as Source
  • How this realm is designed
  • The one consistent law in the universe
  • Insights into your contribution to the energies of the world
  • Why your life remains the same, instead of manifesting more
  • How we do things backwards, how to move forwards
  • Who are you? What are you doing here?
  • Understanding your multi-layered self

The Q&A presents a most enlightening discussion into deeper aspects of this subject:

  • Understanding the creation of fractals through analogies
  • What you are aware of when kundalini rises
  • Living frequencies of fractals in energetic fields
  • Going down the rabbit hole of others’ perceptions of you
  • The concept of Ameth explained
  • Understanding the depth of programming that has been going on
  • An action plan for getting out of judgment
  • Doing things backwards – a most interesting insight
  • How to get guidance from our higher selves
  • Going deeper into the rabbit hole of living fractals
  • Densities of hologram for you
  • Can you change others’ perception of you?
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