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Fractalized Thoughts. What’s That About?

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Is It Manifestation or Magic?

Ann*, John*, and Alex* meet with a group of other professionals once a week to discuss various aspects of the law of attraction and related theories. They’ve been doing this for the past 3 years, yet they will be the first to tell you that their manifestation endeavours are more of a hit-and-miss affair than a sure thing. Alex says he believes that he can manifest all the wealth he wants, but he still has the fear that he could run out of money.

What are the intricacies of manifestation that are still eluding them?  Why is it that they can manifest one desire and then not the next?  Why do some things manifest quickly and others not?  The art and skill of manifestation is one of many depths. Those that still need to be uncovered and mastered may produce a sense of frustration that can tip the scales completely into fear, making dreams even more distant.

Thought, Thought and More Thought…

You are on a physical journey through thought. ~ Julius

When you think of it, everything begins and ends with thought and our perspective of it. No matter which way you turn on your physical journey, you are faced with thought, thought, and more thought manifested on this physical plane. There’s no escaping it and there is nothing more profound.

On the stairway to heaven, every thought has the potential to take us a step higher or lower.  It is our perspective of each thought that moves us forward in ever-widening circles of expansion, or holds us in limitation. That’s not all.  Each thought fractalizes and we go bouncing on the bumpy road of fear and all its varied manifestations, or fly powerfully into the expanding horizon of never-ending possibility.

Thought Precision is Powerful

“Every time you break a frequency barrier in your thoughts and in your arena that you move through,
you access a whole another aspect of your multifaceted, multiplicitied self, not only in your thoughts
but in your experiences and your knowing.” ~ Julius

We’ve now come to know that the choice is ours but how do we gain mastery? When one thought can go shooting off into many different directions, how do we guide these powerful arrows to hit the mark instead of scattering into the wilderness and dissipating our energies?

Ever Expansive Thought Journey

The depth to which we can understand our thoughts is the depth with which we master life on earth. It is this incisive understanding that leads us into more fulfilling experiences. In the grand scheme of things, we are thought on a journey of thought to higher, more expansive truths that take us deeper into the knowing of ourselves as Source – if we know how to steer our ship of thought in the vast ocean of fractalizing thought.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

Discover the fascinating world of fractalizing thoughts in our upcoming course – Fractalizing Your Thoughts – and let this advanced knowledge given by Julius be the vehicle to carry you into exciting, soul-stirring adventures! Click below for more information:

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Lift me. Out of all constraints.

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Are you feeling boxed in?

The very idea that we could be in any kind of a box is not very pleasing, even when we try to have no judgment about it. It’s like being in a cage, no matter how gilded, that keeps us limited, bound within narrow parameters and dissatisfied. It’s not just the mundaneness, the stagnation, that gets to us, there is a kind of sadness to think and feel we can’t be and do more. That sense of settling for less because somewhere within our being we hold an idea that compromise is what life is all about; being happy and content with what we are and have is the epitome of gratitude and don’t you dare think of something more far-reaching. Yet that feeling of sorrow or even depression comes upon us because of an inherent knowing deep down within us that there is more, even while we may not be sure of what it is.

Relax and Allow the Flow

The other side of it is that life is so comfortable, we’ve worked so hard to get where we are today, let’s just relax and not stir up stuff we may be unable to deal with or overextend ourselves in ways that may upset our beautifully set apple cart.

“You were taught to be the same…..you were taught that change is scary.” ~ Julius

Philosophers and sages through the ages have reiterated the truth that change is the only constant in life. Julius tells us that if we resist change, it’s probably going to take place anyway but in a detrimental way. It just makes so much sense to strike out for fulfilling change, instead of allowing some detrimental changes to spin us out of that comfortable orbit we’re in.

The (Un)Confort(able) Zone

With so many people out there telling us that moving out of our comfort zone is really the only way forward towards happiness, fulfilment and life-enhancing shifts, we decide to take the plunge and come to a dead halt. Just how do we go about it? Without getting overwhelmed by what we may have undertaken? Or losing interest in the whole process because the steps we took were just too tiny to affect us favourably? Can we tippy-toe forward and test the waters a little gingerly and then step back if it’s all too much? Just how many times are we going to do that before we find just the right expansion in the box or out of it or before we sink back into inertia?

Take that first step…

“There’s always a way, especially when you approach it from that opinion.” ~ Julius

That’s comforting to know and in this case of being the brave souls ready to step out of our safe yet soul-destroying cocoons, we’d like the whole process to be more clear, easy and digestible, please.  We understand that there is more joy, fulfilment, creativity and fun awaiting us, but could we just know whether we are to expand within our box, just as a gentle start? Then step entirely out of it when we are more comfortable (that word again) with the process? We want to know if stepping out of the box right from the get go is perhaps the best way forward.

In the end, you step out of any box that may be closing in on you because you’ve decided that nothing is going to stifle your spirit for adventure as well as expansion. Then the only question you might ask is – Is there a mindful, joyful way to go about it so I can have fun every step of the way?

The answer is an emphatic “Yes”. Julius shows you the way in our upcoming course – Move Out Of Your Box.

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Pierce. The Veils of Forgetfulness

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Are We Isolated Blobs of Energy?

We began by thinking in a vague way that beings existing outside a physical plane such as earth are multidimensional. The very fact that they existed beyond the physical made them somewhat superior, more mysterious, with unknown depths, qualities and powers. Then many came forward and said we were multidimensional too, throwing us into even more confusion about what that might mean in our case.

“We want you to begin to understand how multi-faceted you are as a being.” ~ Julius

Julius tells us that we are expanding in every moment. Even when we feel we are stagnating and there’s a snail’s pace to our progress, we are expanding. But are we aware of how much we are expanding because of other levels of expansion and inspiration that we haven’t given a thought to?  Simply because we may have perceived ourselves to be isolated blobs of energy? How much more joy and expansion can there be if we know more about all that is going on? The answer is – immense!

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There is no ending…

It all boils down to the truth that everything is energy and all is connected. There are no blobs of energy or existences separate from each other. In the endless continuation of energy that has no beginning and no end, where and what are we? Our brains may have some difficulty with grasping the vastness of this truth but our innate urge to know more, discover more about ourselves is what makes our journey fascinating and rewarding. Making it easier for us is the high wisdom and guidance provided by Julius, who make these complex realities simpler and easier to absorb.

Are we forms of energy existing across dimensions and planes? What are they? Where, when, how do we exist as such? Then we’re told we exist at multiple levels of consciousness. How do they relate to each other? What are the broader aspects of being light that we have not grasped? Just these thoughts are enough to increase our desire to know more and be more. Through experience, we have begun to understand that the more we raise, expand our consciousness, the more joy, peace and playfulness enters our lives. The journey is its own reward and each moment of Now has its inherent fulfilment.

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Unwrap Your Magical, Miraculous Self

The risk we run at our level of physicality is allowing all these different facets to increase our sense of separateness and linear thinking, rather than merge it to Oneness. That is where Julius displays their highly skillful and wise guidance in giving us information that we can digest and use to move us along in the understanding of our grand, infinite being. To not know is to be limited. To know is to be blessed with possibilities turning into probabilities as we expand and grow our consciousness.

Augmenting our knowing of our multi-faceted being are out-of- body experiences, hypnotic states and transcendental states. We use these to reach across the veils to uncover more of our hidden secrets – the secrets that lie within our being. Do we reach out with eagerness and a joyful sense of discovery to unwrap what can only be magical and miraculous?

It is only when we learn more about ourselves that we can consciously expand in that direction. As Julius says, we first light up our path with the torch of information and desire and then we start moving down that path.

The Sense Of Belonging – To Ancient Races

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How Do You React?

If you were told there was an extra-terrestrial in your backyard, what would be your first reaction? One of fear? That’s because aliens or extra-terrestrials are generally depicted in a rather fearsome light in movies and most of the stories out there are about abductions for horrifying purposes. Yet it wasn’t until the 1980s that this trend of depicting aliens as something to be feared really took hold. Prior to this, there were many accounts by ‘contactees’ who spoke of benevolent beings come to warn them about the dangers of nuclear destruction etc. that we human beings were refusing to see. Now there are some scientists who concede that alien presence may not be something to be feared. What is the truth about aliens and visits by them? Are they here to aid us or destroy us with their highly superior technology and advanced intelligence? These are some of the questions that immediately spring to our minds when this topic arises.

Where Do You Come From?

In recent times, there has been a flood of information of a different kind. We hear that there is a connection with some of these aliens, that we came from some of these races. Is it true that their existence isn’t really alien to us? Julius has already divulged some very interesting information about so-called aliens. And there is more to come. Would you like to know where you have come from? What’s in your DNA? How would we know all this? Nowadays, there are quizzes that are supposed to identify the alien race we may have come from or the star system we belong to. In all the vast sea of information on the internet, what is true? What are falsehoods planted to mislead?

Can This Lead Us to Better Understanding of Ourselves?

“A spiritual journey is about you understanding yourself, understanding your growth, creating your growth.” ~ Julius

A part of understanding ourselves is understanding the vastness of our being, the multitudes of experiences and existences we are going through in this moment of Now, which we may rather think of as past or future because that appeals to our linear-thinking brain. However, to get to the knowing of ETs and aliens, we’re need use the right brain that has the openness of children who communicate with more than just the  flowers and the birds.

Some of us may well question why we need to get into this information at all. Wasn’t there already a whole lot of overwhelming stuff in the world and daily life to deal with without adding unnecessary overload by way of aliens and extra-terrestrials? The simple answer is – to miss out on this, is to miss out on a greater understanding of ourselves. It is to forgo a tremendous opportunity to access wisdom and a higher intelligence that was once ours, which we can regain again.

How Do We Assist Each Other?

Perhaps that is their major significance in our human existence. To reassure us that we don’t need to stress and strain to learn something new, we just need to remember what we once knew. That their expansion can lend to ours too if we invite and access it. To know that the remembrance of some of our dreams were recollections of our existence in such planes. What better way forward than to access it in our conscious state on this physical state?

For those who ask, Julius always steps in to separate the wheat from the chaff, to guide us with what is true, uplifting, loving and expansive. What have they in store for us when we question them about such beings? That is the truly tantalizing question.

The spiritual journey is exciting, fascinating and ever so expansive in unexpected ways!

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Where Does Self-Discovery Begin Or End?

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“We want you to begin to understand how multi-faceted you are as a being.” ~ Julius

In our existence on this physical plane, we are the farthest away from knowing our multi-dimensional being, let alone knowing ourselves as Source. We have a physical body with its 5 senses, which usually function very well to make this earth plane real and tangible to us. But we very rarely use the senses of our soul to fathom the realities that exist around us, which may not be visible to our physical eyes.


There is so much more going on in all the seemingly empty space between us and the nearest wall – so many dimensions and realms, galaxies and beings. Do these totally fascinating existences have anything to do with us? Can we interact with the beings in other realms, dimensions and existences that we weren’t even aware of till now? Do we know many of them through our own existences in
these spaces? Are they our friends that come to us when we call them from this physical plane?

So many questions because there is so much we have forgotten about ourselves, our journey through consciousness and who we shared it with and where. As we grow, so does our longing to know more, to recollect, remember, to be and experience afresh from a new vantage, in our case – from the perspective of having a human costume on earth.


It is a well-known fact that all higher knowledge, inspiration in arts, music and technology comes from other realms and dimensions. However, it is not that Nikolai Tesla, Einstein, Beethoven or Leonardo da Vinci were the favored ones. We are all favored, we have but to ask for inspiration and who knows which friend(s) from another existence will come along and give a huge, loving impetus to our creative flow and whatever else we seek.

To experience these spaces and places where we have been before is the start of an adventure that takes us closer to knowing ourselves as Source. It is the vastness and multiplicity of our being that astounds and elevates us. From this broader perspective, much of what we experience and face loses its angst, problems and issues don’t seem so huge, the challenges becomes the opportunity.
We no longer worry so much about survival because it came from a limited perspective and we see it for the illusion it is. Life is then lived from its fun, adventurous aspect that this earth is a playground we choose to play, experience and expand on.


When we truly get to know that there are so many other gazillion playgrounds that we are having adventures on, a sense of our eternal, infinite being pervades us. Can we ever die? Can we ever fail? Such things are impossible in the grand scheme of things or rather the creation that we have set up as stages for the pageant and the theatre to play its variables of song, dance and drama. Each of them in their nth expression adding to the expansion of Source.

We are the light that is the All. Perhaps it is time to know more deeply just what this means.

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