There is something almost ominous about this whole ‘window of opportunity’ thing. What?? When did it open? Do I have time to jump in? Should I whizz through even if I’m not prepared? Is this opportunity what I really want and while I’m deciding that, is that window already swinging shut?

So many questions and the fear that we’re running out of time. This may not be true for most blithe spirits, who just hum along and know that everything is just falling into place for them. However, for so many of us who have been waiting, waiting and waiting for things to change, it’s panic stations.

We look at the person who’s just told us about this window of opportunity – a loved one saying this job, move, event or a craft to learn is just what we need, so wake up and grab it. It could also be an intuitive or psychic we trust giving us this met-with-mixed-feelings news.

So we race home, sit down on our favorite meditation mat and focus and breathe and try to get a sense of whether this opportunity is resonating with us. We don’t get the answer because we’re in panic, remember, and it keeps rising the more we sit on that mat and evening falls.

There has to be hope for those of us who decide not to jump through that window. There just has to be an answer to finding our way into what we wish for – more happiness, health, prosperity, love and a hefty dose of spiritual wisdom. Are there windows and doors opening and shutting all the time and we’re not even aware of all these golden opportunities slipping by?

Julius offers a wonderful workshop that guides us on what causes the waiting game and how to out of it, know more about these windows – what creates them, how many are there, do we catch them all?

It could make all the difference in our lives.

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