This teaching is vital, vital for your continued state of joy.  ~ Julius

This is a course that is astounding in its clarity and the depth of support and guidance it gives you to lead your life in the most fulfilling way on this earth. It addresses the perspectives of being physical and non physical that we all struggle to align and balance as we strive to live authentically while in physical form.
Along our conscious journey, we will travel through many perspectives. The most challenging for us is the understanding of the physical and non-physical energies that we are.
Materialization verses non-material, what we believe is important or relevant on our journey.
Julius focuses on:
How these perceptions and knowing change and how to balance the energy…
The energy of realm and dimension and how it plays in our experiences…
Does our non-physical self comprehend more than our physical self?
Can we tap into our non-physical self and converse or understand ourselves deeper?

In the lectures, Julius gives deep clarity on the physical and non-physical aspects of you :

  • A rare description of the non-physical you
  • A beautiful rendering of the creative process
  • The key aspect of you
  • What this holographic realm does for you
  • The impossibility that is uplifting
  • How to use this highly relevant and useful information in your life
  • How to have a magical day every day
  • The broadest-mind state of being
  • Detailed clarity on the interaction of the physical and non-physical you
  • The good news about the Law of Attraction and your frequency
  • The energy of the physical versus the non-physical you
  • What actually works in the mind-body connection.
  • In-depth guidance on a very beneficial daily practice
  • The main reason why you face lack in any aspect of your life
  • Why we are doing this experience on the physical plane

The Q&A is full of huge insights and revelations that offer solid support to you on your conscious journey:

  • The key aspect of awareness and its impact on you
  • What happens physically and non-physically as you ascend
  • Fascinating information on the brain
  • How to release blocks and open energetic pathways in the brain
  • Sound frequencies that are harmful and beneficial
  • How to raise the frequency of the body
  • Amazing information on pain and how to deal with it
  • How to turn belief into knowing
  • How do you find your knowing?
  • Balancing dealing with old imprints and letting go of the fear
  • A huge Aha moment about why we choose trauma
  • The truth about thought intention
  • Deeper truth about illusion and reality
  • The fabulous play of frequencies by a sixth level of consciousness being
  • The way to use the logical mind on your conscious journey
  • How you get stuck in being competitive
  • The way we were earlier as light beings on earth
  • A very clear analogy of what the human experience is like for us now
  • The things that reinforce our remembrance of who we are