This product is a combination package of the March 2024 Live Online Workshops.  These workshops are on introductory pricing for the month of March, but with this combo, you receive an additional $10 off the already discounted price.

**There are 2 pdfs for this product that will come with your order confirmation email.  Please download both pdfs.  They include access details for the workshops – one for each workshop.

Workshop 1 – Being True To and Honoring Yourself

Workshop is live March 4 & 5 at 5pm MT.  Replay is available immediate following live event.  This is an audio workshop.  The first module is a teaching by Julius on the topic.  The second module is a Q & A for all live participants. You can send in your questions using a link you will receive on the pdf and Julius will answer it during the live Q & A.

Knowing oneself and believing in your truth can come from two perspectives.
All things in physical experience can come from either an Altered Ego state or authentic Soul perspective.  
If you are only operating from your Altered ego, then all things reactive in your life is being true to your false nature.  If you have no self awareness, one could say you are true to yourself.
But your true Authentic self is your Soul.  And if you are not operating from this space then you are not being true to self.
Sound confusing? It can be. Come with Julius and see through the illusion and get into alignment with either your false nature or authentic state. 
And of course, Julius will discuss how to create changes and shifts in accordance with higher Consciousness

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Workshop 2 – The White Galaxy and What Awaits for You

This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 question and answer session.  Live workshop is March 18, 19 & 20, 2024 at 6 pm MT.  Replay available.

Julius loves to work within the spaces of our imaginations and beyond.  This is a subject matter for those seeking an expansive subject, knowing it expands our brains and therefore our ability to break our own limited thought Matrices.
This subject will be fun, expansive, and full of possibilities as Julius will discuss what lies beyond our Galaxy , what this energy field is like and what level of Consciousness it takes to go there.
Do you desire deep topics and conversations? Then this will fulfill you and hopefully create Joy in the exchange.
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