In this course, Julius shares intriguing and surprising information about soulmates, soul families, soul contracts, the purpose of relationships and why we have chosen to be with our family members over and over again.

What is a soulmate? What are soul families and how do they relate to our biological families? Do we remain in a soul family forever? Do we have soul contracts with others?

Julius explains these subjects from the perspective of a human being and from the perspective of a light being. We are taken from a limited perspective to a greater truth, a more expanded truth, which frees us from old, limiting beliefs that have kept us bound.

As we become aware of the role others play in our lives, we reach greater harmony within ourselves and others.

Julius shares profound information:

  • The very important aspect of free will.
  • Why we are in soul families.
  • What we are on this physical stage.
  • The soul family from the perspective of a human being and a light being.
  • The description of a soul mate.
  • Are we bound to others?
  • The big difference between being bound to another soul and choosing to be with one.
  • Are there twin flames?
  • What soul families can include.
  • About divisions.
  • About the fear of being bound to someone or a family.

Learn even more:

  • Do souls merge out of choice?
  • When do you leave a marriage or work through it?
  • Do souls choose parents?
  • What human beings are to those around them.
  • What the soul wants to experience.
  • About staying centered amidst the distraction of people.
  • The difference between spirit and soul.
  • Information on eating meat.
  • When marriage was invented.
  • About loneliness.
  • The collaboration between souls.
  • About you and the creation of this earth.

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