2 part class with one lecture and one Q&A.
The human experience brings 3 primary desires…Health, Money, and Relationships. For many, all of these experiences are limiting, while others seem to find that Money is the most limiting. Or is it that Money is commonly the greatest desire?
How do we get past our fears…knowing that our fear becomes our block, how do we find resolve?
This is a teaching on fear energies and how to dissolve, expand, and renew our energies around financial abundance.
Julius provides 2 exercises for us, as well as inspires us to reach above the restrictive effects of scarcity:
– Why this fear is so predominant.
– The massive subconscious fear that sustains it.
– The ultimate answer to resolve this offer.
– Playing the white room game to get clarity.
– The truth about whether material wealth hinders the spiritual journey.
– The major fuel source for manifestation.
– The two most challenging tasks on the conscious journey.
– A huge Aha moment about Isness.
– The incredible first step of the process to release the fear.
– The powerful next step of the process.
– The crazy expansion of this step.
– The third step of the process.
– A huge insight and wonderful practice for non-judgment.
– The important thing NOT to do in these practices.
– Another fantastic practice extending over a year.

Further insights into this extremely helpful topic:

– Further information on how to do the practices.
– Doing a deep process of mindfulness.
– Why we have lack in our lives.
– The most fulfilling intention to make for changes.
– When lack really serves us.
– How to move beyond this fear.
– An absolutely ground-breaking piece of information to use in manifestation.
– The subtle yet important judgment that arises in the manifestation process.
– How to exclude limitation completely from the choice of abundance.
– Mastering this realm through the dominant key components of it.
– Our experiences in realms and dimensions.
– Why wealthy people are resistance to financial abundance.
– How the truth becomes to you.
– Another fun game for knowing yourself.

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