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The Path of the Light Step!


Do You Ever Question Where Your Inspiration Comes From? When Cathy*, a medical student, would think of what line of medicine she would like to specialize in, she was for some inexplicable reason drawn to working in the field of spinal injuries or she got the strong urge to be a part of a disaster relief team. It was years later, when she managed to combine both in an interesting and rewarding career that she first got an inkling as to why she was drawn to these two fields. As she was sitting one day in her special space where she liked to spend some me-time [...]

The Path of the Light Step!2021-01-15T18:11:27-07:00

The Universe Validates


Am I Losing My Ability to Manifest? Janet* enjoyed the sense of power she experienced when she manifested what she desired once in a while. She did her meditations, her practices, went into all the techniques wholeheartedly and if sometimes things didn’t show up, she was still content. Till she noticed that in recent times, her ability to manifest more expansive things in her life was faltering. She had always felt that as she continued with her practices and well-defined patterns of how to manifest, she would have a better ‘success rate’ of manifestation. However, that was just not true, there were speed bumps that refused to go [...]

The Universe Validates2021-01-15T18:12:48-07:00

The Barrier We’re Not Aware Of


It wasn’t every day that Janice sat down to introspect, but when she did, she would become aware of situations, repeating trends, relationships that seemed to be stuck in just that little conflict that wouldn’t fall away or disappear, no matter how much she wished it would. Going through her journals of earlier years just deepened this awareness. There was no doubt that some things had changed, she was on a conscious journey. However, there were definitely some things that were lingering, not everything in her being was moving towards a happier state of being. “The [...]

The Barrier We’re Not Aware Of2021-01-15T18:25:32-07:00

Embrace. Unknown Facets Of Your Mighty Being


Through the ages, we have embraced our physicality. So much so that we have fine-tuned our bodies almost beyond recognition from what we once had as physical costumes. That’s the intention and attention we’ve paid to the physical aspect of ourselves, a result of having forgotten who we really are and our intoxicated belief that this realm is real and everything else is just so much fantasy. At some point, our conscious journey turns into a conscious awareness journey. Earlier, we created our reality unaware that we were doing so. We did it with great gusto and confusion, using [...]

Embrace. Unknown Facets Of Your Mighty Being2021-01-19T18:58:32-07:00

How Do You Honor Your Love Ones in Spirit?


(This is a blog post written by and from Caroline Chang’s blog site and Facebook page from May 26, 2019) It is Memorial Day weekend and I really had no plans for the weeend this year. The weather was perfect for planting flowers so I spent the afternoon yesterday at Pine Grove Cemetery planting flowers at Kyle’s memorial stone. I had such a wonderful afternoon filled with joy KNOWING Kyle was right there with me. I KNOW Kyle is with me all the time not just when I go to the cemetery; and whenever I go I am never [...]

How Do You Honor Your Love Ones in Spirit?2021-02-01T09:53:24-07:00

From Where It All Begins


Where do light beings come from? Most of us on a conscious journey will say, ‘from Source’. Glibly said and not much understood by most of us. Seers and sages have attempted to describe what Source is and generally, the human language has proved to be unequal to the task. When Julius describes Source, it is not so much the words that convey their meaning, it is the energy and experience as you hear them that creates an impression within you. Many of us would like to leave this deeper knowledge of Source to a later date. We’ll generally say, [...]

From Where It All Begins2021-04-14T11:03:38-06:00

Our DNA Is The Gateway To Higher Vibrations


Unless we are high consciousness beings, our DNA is imprinted with the limitations from traumas and disease, repeated patterns of fear and judgment that we have experienced through the ages. Imprints that have gone deep because they have been compounded lifetime after lifetime. It is not surprising that we have spent a huge number of lifetimes in similar restricted roles and states of being. Till we come to a point when we want more. We look for it, seek guidance on how to move out of what has held us back for so long. When we are earnest, help [...]

Our DNA Is The Gateway To Higher Vibrations2021-04-29T20:37:48-06:00

Four Important Steps To Saying “No”


We start our lives being trained vigorously by the ‘Shoulds’ and ‘Have-tos’. Sometimes we spend our lives embedded in this unfulfilling, sacrificial space. The irony is that while all these rules are laid down by society and family, said society and family rarely if ever appreciate your compliance. Your non-compliance, on the other hand, can lead to heated debate and ostracism.   This article is not about not helping out others in a crisis, it is about saying ‘No’ in every day life situations when that’s your inner choice. When you’ve had your guts full of [...]

Four Important Steps To Saying “No”2021-05-11T13:15:09-06:00

Out Of The Storm Into The Harbour


All angry and nowhere to go? Except down that old familiar road with its various yet similar branches of annoyance, irritation, frustration, defiance, aggression or dominance. There is a time when we enjoy it. Really enjoy all its expression and the destruction it causes. Then comes a time when we aren’t comfortable with the aftertaste – it doesn’t make us feel good, we’re sorry for that outburst and we just aggravated a situation we were trying to fix or remedy (because we so know it all). Much later, we finally decide we’re done with the destructive [...]

Out Of The Storm Into The Harbour2019-12-19T02:50:58-07:00

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